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Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board Certified OB/GYN, Primary Care MD, 12 years exp. Also specialize in STD testing, Infertility
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I have noticed some vaginal discharge on my tampon when I

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I have noticed some green vaginal discharge on my tampon when I remove it. My husband & I have been trying to conceive for 3 yrs. since his vasectomy reversal. He has had repeated infections due to the reversal and has been on antibiotics off and on. When we make love afterwards there is a strong fishy odor. I was wondering if he could possibly have given me the infection and since no doctor has treated me when he has an infection, could we be passing it back and forth to each other preventing us from conceiving. I am getting so frustrated because after 3 yrs. we have no answers and have not yet conceived. I hope you can help!

Welcome to Just Answer

I will be very happy to assist you , but first need a little extra information.

How long have you noticed a green discharge? How long have you noticed a fishy odor after sex?

Have you seen the doctor about your discharge, or only your husband?

How long have you been trying to conceive?

I await your response.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have only noticed the discharge for probably a couple of months. Only my husband has seen the doctor about the infections, and we have been trying to conceive for 3yrs. which was when he had his vasectomy reversal. I know that I don't have any std's because I have been with my husband for 15yrs. Happy marriage, no infidelities. The fishy odor after sex has been going on since his reversal, but all doctors do is keep prescribing him antibiotics and no one has mentioned that he could have possibly passed it on to me causing us to maybe be just passing it back and forth.

Thank you for the additional information, and sorry about the delay , I was assisting another customer.

The fishy odor and green discharge is a sign of Bacterial Vaginosis. While this is considered to be an STD, you do not always get this from having sex. It is caused from any upset in the bodies natural bact4eria. This could even happen from douching. Since this is a bacteria, this is very likely what you have been passing back and forth. The treatment of BV is usually antibiotics, and it is known to come back after treatment. This does not mean there is any infidelity in the relationship. If you do have BV, then this left untreated can cause many other problems, including PID, which can lead to infertility. You need a full evaluation by your OB/GYN, and a test to determine if you do have BV. If so , antibiotics will likely be administered for you and your husband to get rid of this. Men don't get BV, but they can carry the bacteria that causes it. Further evaluation may be needed to determine if there is any damage, or problems from leaving BV untreated. Please schedule an appointment today to be checked out. I am enclosing some links for you to view about BV. I wish you well, Thank you.

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