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Dr.Hanish Babu, MD
Dr.Hanish Babu, MD, Dermatologist
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  MBBS; MD (Skin & Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
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Genital ulcer... I have a photo.

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Genital ulcer... I have a photo.


Thanks for approaching justAnswer with your concern. Please provide the following info so that I can assist you better.

  1. Is this the first time you had it?
  2. Is the ulcer painful?
  3. Is it a single ulcer or multiple?
  4. Where exactly on the vulva?
  5. Did you have any unprotected sex recently?
  6. Please insert the pic by pressing the green tree above.

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that I can finish answering your question.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hello Dr. Babu,

Thank you so much for taking my question.

This is the first time I've had something like this. The ulcer is slightly painful, but more itchy than anything. It seems to be one single ulcer, white in color. It is at the very top of my vulva, where my clitoris is, deep inside the fold. I have had unprotected sex recently with my boyfriend of 14 months. I'm pretty sure I had a yeast infection like 4 days ago and got Monistat 1-day for it and was using the external vulvar cream. That took care of most of the itching, and it seems to have cleared up, but then I just noticed this last night. 4 days ago, it was there. I was diagnosed with HSV-1 two and a half years ago, but haven't had any outbreaks since that initial one, and this is nothing like that one. I also had low-risk HPV (had a colposcopy earlier this year).

Thanks again,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I forgot to add one thing...

When I saw it last night, I thought it was maybe just too much of the vulvar cream or something, so I put baby powder all around it to try and dry it out. That's what the small white spots/stuff is outside the area. I rinsed it well, though, in the area, so all the white there is not from the powder...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Shoot, sorry - in the first response it should have read, "4 days ago it was NOT there..."

Hello Lindsey,

You have a Vulval candidiasis. With this much severity, just a single dose Monistat is not going to cure it. You have to use the 7 day pack . Better still, you should be using oral antifungal therapy along with it, like a single weekly dose of Diflucan 150 mg for 2 weeks.

Also check your Blood sugar levels: fasting as well as post meal(after 2 hours ). See that your partner is also free from yeast infection.

I would also suggest you do an RPR or VDRL test aslo to rule out syphilitic ulcer beneath the yeast. This is mandatory.

I hope my information is helpful. If you have more questions, just ask! I will gladly help, otherwise please click "ACCEPT". Positive FEEDBACK would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dr.Hanish Babu, MD and other OB GYN Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Dr. Babu,

Thanks for your excellent help. I left positive feedback. I just had a couple more questions, though, whenever you have time:

Why is this one so bad? I've never had one that was this terrible, and I'm not even sure what triggered it (not on antibiotics, etc...), unless I got it back from my boyfriend (had one a while back when we were active).

How can I see that my boyfriend is free of it? He has no external symptoms...

And I'm not sure how to check my blood sugar aside from going in to the doctor.

You said the RPR or VDRL test is mandatroy - HOW mandatory?? I don't even have enough for a co-pay right now...

Thanks so much,


Dear Lindsey,

  1. Why so bad? May be your immune status is low at this time: stress?
  2. Boyfriend: does he have diabetes? Is he on any medication?
  3. I don't know whether you have stand alone labs there where you can have your blood sugar checked. Or see whether you have these symptoms of Diabetes: increased thirst, passing more urine, increased sweating, increased appetite, loss of weight, tiredness etc.
  4. The ulcer on the left side of the clitoris has to be ruled out as not being syphilis. Because Syphilis, if present can be treated easily. This test(RPR/VDRL) is mandatory in all STD screenings.

Regards ***** ***** the best!