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I have menstrual type cramps when not on period.

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I'm having menstrual type cramps but it's not time for my period. My period ended about 10 days ago (somewhere around there, I haven't been counting exactly...) and for the last couple days I've been having menstrual type cramps. There's no doubt the cramps feel like menstrual cramps (I typically get them pretty bad). I am sexually active...the last time I had sex was about a month - a mounth and a half ago. What are the possibilities of what this can be? Do you need anymore information?


Are you also spotting or getting a brown discharge?


Are the cramps now as severe as they are during your periods?


Are you on any hormonal contraceptive like birth control pills or Nuvaring?


Didi you get a normal period after you had sex?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the response! There is no sort of discharge that I've noticed and no spotting. The cramps feel as severe as they are during periods and I also get a nauseating feeling often. I typically get a nauseating feeling once during cramps during my period - never more than once, but I'm having more nauseating feelings right now. I am not on any sort of birth control pills or Nuvaring. I did get a period after I had sex but it was very very light. The period after I had sex lasted maybe 3 days - one day of light bleeding and the other two days a dark red/brownish discharge with spotting here and there. The last period I had was also light but not as light as the first one I had after the last time I had sex. I usually have very heavy periods that last around 5 days. Is there any other information you need? Again, thank you.


Cramping of the uterus occurs when it is trying to expel something - during the periods, it is trying to expel blood and tissues.


There are some possible conditions you could be suffering:


- You are pregnant and starting to miscarry. Light period after sex could be due to implantation bleeding. If you have not done any pregnancy tests, please do one now. Even if the pregnancy tests come negative, please consult an ob-gyn for an ultrasound of the uterus. A missed abortion or a blighted ovum can give a negative pregnancy test.


- You have an uterine polyp. The uterus will cramp in an attempt to expel the polyp. Here too, you need an ultrasound of the uterus.


- You could be going through ovulation. Since the cramping started 10 days after your period, it is the right time for ovulation. But although ovulation can cause some amount of cramping, it typically causes a dull ache on one side of the abdomen and sometimes spotting with vaginal discharge.


Cramping which is severe enough to cause nausea needs to be evaluated as early as possible. Please consult an ob-gyn.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more input.

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