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I have a PAP next week under anesthetic. I was not

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I have a PAP next week under anesthetic<sp>. I was not concerned when I asked to set this up with my GYN, however, now I am hearing from the pre-op nurse at the outpatient surgical center about the dangers of anesthesia and being asked if I have ever had a breathing tube inserted before and being told no food, drink, ciggs, or pills (esp aspirin) after midnight...anyway, my question is how is this procedure performed and what is the method of anesthesization usually used??? I thought, asking for this, that it would be like what the dentist does to help you get thru a root canal or tooth pulling (aka "twilight") but now it is scaring me...and seems so much more complicated since they are asking me to be there 2 hours prior and up to 2 hours after the procedure (the dentist never asked for that kind of time). Please explain how this will be, so that maybe I can feel more at ease going in next week. Thank you.
A PAP smear is not usually done under general anesthesia. It is an out patient procedure and usually takes 5 minutes. A speculum is inserted into the vagina and first the cervical lip is cleaned and then a scraping taken and transferred on the slide. Usually it causes a pin prick feeling or a mild pain. Is there any other procedure to be done besides PAP smear?
Dr. PG
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you, ***** ***** but I know what a pap smear is. what I need to know is what a pap done under anesthesia is like, or how it is done. because I have been unsuccessful in getting a pap while awake due to being a virgin and having an extremely sensative vaginal opening (can barely put a finger in). Do you have experience/knowlege in doing pap smear with anesthesia?
Thanks for the information.
The general anesthesia given to you would be of short duration. The fasting period and asking about drug allergies etc are a routine before any surgery or procedure done under general anesthesia. Most probably the PAP smear will be done quickly so endotracheal tube will not be needed to be inserted in your case. The anesthesia might be of short duration like ketamine anesthesia. But every patient has to be prepared before hand, if a need arises to give full general anesthesia.
So no need to worry on that account. These are all routine precautions and procedures. All patients are kept fasting before general anesthesia.
Dr. PG
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