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i just received results back that my pap smear came back normal,

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i just received results back that my pap smear came back normal, hpv tested negative however, i have to go on medicine for "tric" Trichomoniasis. i went in bc my boyfriend tested positive for herpes- my results on that tested negative as well for 1 and 2. if i had my last pap one yr ago with no problems - is this really only sexually transmitted? does tric lay dormant and pop up or could i have had it and had no symptons even before my yr ago pap. regardless of how contracted i am on medicine but my partner will not take it - is that a problem? and we should abstain until med done correct? even with a condom?

Thank you so much for your question. It is my privilege to be able to help you.


Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted infection. Although there may be scattered reports of people getting trichomonas through other types of contact, that is very unusual and it is not realistic to assume that you got it any other way.


It is possible that you got trichomonas a long time ago, and it wasn't detected until now. So you may have gotten it from your current partner, or you may have gotten it from a previous partner. However, at this point that is irrelevant. Since you have been with him. you must assume that he is infected as well. You should not resume intercourse until both of you are treated. Whether he had it before and gave it to you, or whether you had it before and gave it to him, at this point is not as important. Now you both have it, and need to be treated.


You should abstain from sex even with a condom. Although a condom does afford some protection, it is not perfect, and you guys are just going to "play catch" with this disease until you are both adequately treated.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me. If you are satisfied, please remember to ACCEPT the answer so that I get credit for my work. BONUSES and positive feedback are always appreciated. Good Luck! Dr. SaulJE

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i cant thank you enough - i just sent another question as i am unsure how this works - would hope to stay with one person if possible.


so if he and i take the medicine for the 7 days - it will be gone? also, very concerned about the herpes and whether i will know if he has breakout or "shedding" just cuddling makes me nervous. after 20 yrs of marriage and now 1 yr in dating world with this one person i am petrified of all the std's and stuff out there. if my hpv results were negative then i'm good to go on that? and if negative now it has always been negative? i just recall my old ob/gyn saying something after a few bad paps (cryotherepy) and cauterizations 5-10 yrs ago that it was something like :warts - isnt that hpv?

You're very welcome, first of all, if both of you take the medicine for seven days, then trichomonas will be gone. Herpes is an important issue, and it is a bit more complicated than what we can deal with in this forum. However, since he tested negative and you have a history of herpes, you do need to discuss with him seriously how to prevent transmission. Cuddling will not transmit herpes, so don't worry about that. If you want good information about the transmission of herpes and how to prevent it; try this site:


Warts are caused by HPV, but a different type of HPV than the one that causes abnormal pap smears and cervical cancer. If you do get reinfected with HPOV though, your pap smears may become positive again.


Hang in there, and feel free to ask me any more questions if you have them. Dr. SaulJE

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

ok - i am figuring this whole thing out - but of course want the person i am speaking to to be paid for their time... this question was a continuation of what we were talking about and want to make sure i am fully informed -

if i take the meds for the "tric" and so does he it will be gone for good? if my boyfriend of a yr has been diagnosed with herpes and i just recently tested negative for 1 and 2 (will i continually have to be tested?) i understand that condoms will not completely protect, and even if he doesnt have a break out just cuddling skin to skin i can get this? i am so afraid to be active with him, more importantly if i was tested during his breakout but we were intimate just before would the test be 100 percent accurate that simplex 1 and 2 were negative (basically have time to detect or not?) also, my test incl hpv - which came back negative is this accurate if an old ob/gyn told me i had i think "warts" few yrs ago? i have had cryotherapy(sp) and cauterization on my cervix i'd say 2 or 3 times maybe a span of 5-10 yrs ago. do "warts" go away and if my hpv was neg then maybe it wasnt warts?


Optional Information:
Age: 43; Female, Georgia

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i just started taking meds for "tric" but also on fluexotine and now wellbutrin for quiting smoking - worried about more infections from antibiotics - (will push probiotics) yogurt etc..

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i just saw the above answer - and this is very helpful.. actually his was positive and mine was negative for the herpes simplex - but i was tested within a week of his outbreak so i was concerned if the test would have time to pick up for accurate results. my test was the only one showing the "tric" i will finish ALL of the meds :)

It is possible that herpes can be transmitted even when he is not having an outbreak. When there is an outbreak it is more likely that you will get infected, but people with herpes do undergo times of aymptomatic viral shedding - which means that they can transmit the virus and still show no signs of infection. The key to preventing transmission of herpes really is a three way strategy.


1) avoid intercourse during active outbreaks

2) use condoms always, even when there is no outbreak

3) He should take antiviral meds like valtrex to prevent viral shedding.


You really should sit down with your doctor and have a long talk about this so that you can make a plan that will work for you.


Good Luck! Dr. SaulJE

Dr. Saul and other OB GYN Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you very much!