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I had a leep procedure done in march 07 and during the small

Resolved Question:

i had a leep procedure done in march 07 and during the small surgery the doctor touched a spot inside that wasn't numb and caused some small burning and a scar. overall, i have a lot of stomach problems, but since the leep i have lower stomach cramps/shooting and very uncomfortable pain a day or so before my period. today though, i woke up with slight pain which got worse during the day, to the point were i had to leave work and lay down. sitting and standing was unbearable, laying down lessened the pain though. i didn't eat anything weird and the pain was below my stomach, the same area i had the pain after the leep and when i get my period. i m 23 years old, was an athlete my whole life, don't drink or smoke and i was wondering whether the pain can still be an aftermath of the leep? if not what could it be? i ve had ultrasound pictures taken due to stomach problems- always without success though. i d appreciate an answer! thanks a lot!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr. D replied 9 years ago.
There are two questions here which I will try to answer. The first, can you have residual pain from a LEEP procedure? The answer is "yes", although it is quite rare. Sometimes post-LEEP pain can be a sign of a chronic infection called endometritis (an infection of your womb). An endometrial biopsy (which is done in the office and is generally well tolerated) is the best way to make that diagnosis. Mostly, however, pain associated with a LEEP is relatively short-term and should be resolved by the time the cervix heals.

The second question is why does your lower abdomen hurt today? There could be many reasons such as menstrual-related cramping, ovarian cyst rupture, infections such as appendicitis or diverticulitis, tubal pregnancy, endometriosis, etc. You should been seen right away if the pain is worsening, if you are having nausea/vomiting, if you have a temperature, or if you have having vaginal bleeding not associated with a period.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for your answer.

given that the leep has been done 1.5 years ago, it probably doesn't have anything to do with it. even the scar of the burn should be healed right?

regarding your second point- i m not close to my period, so its not menstrual related.
how fast can cysts appear? i had an ultrasound done 2 months ago, which is why i doubt this one too.
as for the infections. would that be something coming from one day to the other? and what could cause them? pregnancy is not possible and what exactly is endometriosis?

i dont feel nausious but very hot and might have a little temperature. no bleeding.
and other thing is that the pain is pretty much gone when I lay down, really bad though when i stand or sit.
thanks for your help...
Expert:  Dr. D replied 9 years ago.
Ovarian cysts come and go as you progress through your regular menstrual cycles. A clear ultrasound two months ago does not necessarily exclude the possibility of a ruptured cyst now.

Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of your uterus (usually shed monthly in what you see as your period) grows on the outside of your womb. These cells can cause irritation and scarring of your pelvis, which in turn, can lead to pain. Typical symptoms of endometriosis would be worsening pelvic/low abdominal pain in the days leading up to your period, followed by incrimental relief with the onset of you period. Occasionally an ultrasound can pick up signs of endometriosis (especially if you have it on you ovaries), but the only reliable way to diagnose it is with surgery.

It sounds like your pain warrents a physical exam to localize its source, particularly if it persists.
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