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Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board Certified OB/GYN, Primary Care MD, 12 years exp. Also specialize in STD testing, Infertility
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I have a cottage cheese-like discharge, discovered today,

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I have a cottage cheese-like discharge, discovered today, that has a funny odor and some slight itching, also have had some cramping and nausea that last few days and am wondering what is going on. It has ran through my head of possible pregnancy but my period is not due for about another week and a half to two weeks. I have the non-hormonal 10 year iud, Paraguard, as birth control and my husband is my only sexual partner. Yeast infection, maybe? Thank you for your time.

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The cottage cheese like discharge you describe is very commonly associated with a yeast infection. Itching, soreness, and sometimes slight cramping may be associated with a yeast infection as well. You can buy OTC treatment such as Monistat to clear this up. However, the discharge associated with a yeast infection usually has no odor. You should be evaluated by your physician for the possibility of a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis as well. (it is possible you have both of these at the same time). BV happens when there has been an upset in the normal balance of "good bacteria" in your vagina, and replaced by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. This can be caused from douching, bubble baths, as well as multiple sex partners (which would not be in your case). BV usually has a milky , thin discharge that has an odor, commonly a fish-like odor, Antibiotics are recommended to treat this condition. Please schedule an appointment to be evaluated by your ob/gyn. While you wait, you can go ahead and buy OTC Monistat to treat the yeast infection as well. I am enclosing links on both conditions. Thank you.

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