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I have had very light bleeding for over ten days, i

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Hi i have had very light bleeding for over ten days, i currently do not have a normal menstrual cycle for the past 1 yr i had tests done in november of 2007 such as an ultrasound on my ovaries and that came back normal, pap smear, blood tests all normal including thyroid, i saw a gyno/obstr and she said to drop weight due to obesity, and came to the conclusion i did not have polycystic ovary syndrome,because of my history of being overweight and then losing weight and my periods returned to normal. my question is i have been having very light pinkish watery coloured bleeding that i have only noticed when i wipe with tissue and this has been going on for over 10 days, do you know if this is abnormal? i have been dealing with alot of stress lately, and not sleeping well, and iam currently not on any medication, nor do i have any medical problems except for being overweight the and having a absent menstrual cycle


What is your age?

What is the date of your last menstrual period?

Any clots in the bleeding?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to doctor_charles's Post: Hello i'am 26
My last normal menstrual period was in oct 2005 then i got pregnant, since after the birth of my son in july 2006 my periods have not been normal i was put on birth control for 6 months and during that time i had monthly heavy bleeding with blood clots, when i went off of birth control, my periods completly stopped, thats when i spoke with my doctor and the tests were performed,that i have mentioned and since nov 2007 i have had no bleeding, but just recently for the last few months i have been bleeding no longer than 7 days in a month but it has been scant no blood clots, this recent incident that iam asking you about now has been over 10 days of bleeding very scant and no blood clots, hope this helps you.


This type of prolonged very light pinkish watery coloured bleeding can be due to number of causes:stress,being overweight or underweight,imbalance of hormones,polycystic ovarian syndrome/estrogen dominance,uterine abnormalities (fibroids/cysts/polyps/endometriosis).

You need clinical examination,testing for hormone levels. A pelvic exam is required to rule out any uterine abnormality, a cervical polyp or fibroid, or a uterine infection.Also you need an ultrasound to evaluate the uterus, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes.All though all your tests were normal in november 2007,butyou may require a few of them once again.So I advice you to consult your gynecologist for the clinical examination to find out the root cause & then take the treatment.Your doctor may prescribe hormone pills accordingly.



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