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I noticed a unusual odor coming from my vagina. I checked my

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I noticed a unusual odor coming from my vagina. I checked my genitals in a hand mirror and I noticed that my vaginal walls were white in color. I do not have discoloration on any other part of my gentials or body. I am not having any unusual looking discharge, but I am having a little bit of itching. What is this called and what can I do about this problem?

is the odor musty or fishy?

any medical problems or medicines for you?

Dr. Pfeiffer

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The odor is a bit fishy but not horribly so. The only medication I take is Loestrin 24 birth control. The only medical problem I have currently is migraines.

sounds like bacterial vaginosis, which is simply disruption of the vaginal flora which allows overgrowth of bacteria and/or yeast. This is caused by sex, pregnancy, douching, etc. Sounds like you may have a combination of the two. It may be an early yeast infection too. It's impossible for me to tell without doing an exam. If you notice thick white discharge (like cottage cheese) try over the counter anti fungal like Monistat.

what needs to be done is a weeks worth of antibiotics. You can wait until Monday if you're ok with that or go to an urgent care tonight and have an exam done.

Dr. Pfeiffer

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Are white vaginal walls an uncommon symptom of a yeast infection or BV, because I could not find anything about that on the internet and it worries me.

what I am thinking is that you are seeing white discharge on the vaginal wall.

take your mirror and a q-tip and see if this is correct.

Dr. Pfeiffer

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I've already tried that and it's not discharge at all. I tried to wipe a little away and nothing budged. I also got someone else to look to make sure I wasn't imagining things and they confirmed that it was the skin, not any discharge.
The only discharge I am having is totally clear or slightly translucent white (but not thick) in color.
There also seems to be a little bit of tearing.


so this leans me towards the yeast infection.

dry white plaques on the vaginal wall can be a symptom of a yeast infection. Try the Monistat over the weekend and if things aren't improving by Monday call your doctor.

Dr. Pfeiffer