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Experienced Nissan Mechanic Support Request 2004 Nissan

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Experienced Nissan Mechanic Support Request
2004 Nissan Frontier, 3.3L SOHC Engine, Auto Transmission 4WD 76K miles.
I observed during attempts to assist start by tapping starter that starter and adjacent bottom of engine were oil soaked. 3 May 18 truck towed to local Nissan dealership to replace failed starter, repair slow radiator fluid leak. Nissan dealership called and advised me oil leak from rocker cover had
caused starter failure and advised I agree to replacement of this gasket, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor and radiator hoses for roughly $1700. This work was completed and paid for Saturday 5 May18. Upon driving truck over weekend I noticed that it idled rough and started displaying service engine soon light. This (MIL) light was not on before this work. Monday7 May 18 returned truck to Nissan dealership and reported new rough idle and MIL light problems . Nissan dealership following checkout reported a vacuum leak had been found and fixed and that MIL required replacement of driver side front catalytic converter.
Rough cost $600 parts and $600 labor. I could supply converter and cut parts costs. I said I need to get my truck out this shop as repair costs were approaching current truck value. Truck was driven to another to another shop for evaluation of rough idle and MIL still noticeable. On Friday 11 May 18 this shop reported MIL was EGR flow related. I believe this shop performed no work except use of OBD2 scanner,
I bought and used OBD2 scanner it showed P0430 and P0400 codes consistent with EGR and converter problems. Took truck to 3rd shop and asked for code scan problem diagnosis and exhaust back pressure measurement to evaluate urgency of repairs. Shop could not measure exhaust back pressure but replaced EGR valve, picked up truck from shop 5 Jun 18. Cost $412. OBD2 scan now shows P0430, 0400 and 0171 codes. Please respond to this request for expert advice if willing to answer roughly 7 questions including are you willing to work with me and a Nissan dealership to help with diagnosis of likely cause and urgency of repair of above problems and to expedite a planned reasonable cost repair. Seven (roughly) related questions to follow.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Follow up questions for Experience Nissan Mechanic regarding previously provided background / history on:
2004 Nissan Frontier, 3.3L SOHC Engine, Auto Transmission 4WD 76K miles.
1) Could a vacuum leak be common cause of current codes P0400,0430 and 0171 ?
2) What would be best method to test for vacuum leak ( smoke test ) what would be a reasonable dealership cost for thorough vacuum system leak testing ?
3) Could a failing driver side catalytic converter be a common cause for three codes in 1) above.
4) What would be best means of determining (exhaust system back pressure measurement ? ) catalytic converter replacement urgency and it's reasonable dealership cost ?
5) If a vacuum system leak is a major likely common cause of problems how bad of a leak would it be ? Could cracked roughly 1/4 inch ID evaporative system hose be the cause.
6) Could failed PCV valve be common cause of problems ? Should I be able to replace this PCV valve ?
7) What other possible problems and their likely dealership cost should be diagnosed prior to start of part replacement work.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Please stop closing above question. I've called 1-800(###) ###-####twice and talked to Anna and Donna. These conversations apparently failed. Is there a method by which using this site I can pay a Nissan Mechanic to read both above background information and seven questions and respond to these listed questions? There used to be.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thanks for what at this time appears to be restoration of my ability to pay for experts review of problems with and provision of answers to questions on maintaining a 14 year old truck. It would be easy to underestimate this sites potential to help a country that is both increasingly complex and informed. Forgive me if I became upset by the temporary loss of my ability to continue use of this site to pay for expert advice. I suggest that if you need to raise the cost of providing expert advice consider doing so directly on a per advice provided basis minimize the need for any legal / non legal cover charges, new versus old, follow-up versus 2nd opinion and temporary free versus paid monthly membership charges to pay for the costs of doing business.

I​ can work with you on a an hourly basis via phone I will submit an offer and you can accept. This will be for the first 90 to 120 minutes approx....but no less. If more time is needed I will ask for more. I have repaired vehicles for over 30 years. I may initiate actual call either tonight or tomorrow morning I am east coast

WE can go through each symptom and each code one at a time

eric remington and 10 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
JustAnswer has assigned Eric a four star rating based on his accepted very reasonable quote for service to be provided. In the past I have consistently provided a 5 star rating and paid bonuses at the completion of service. Will I be provided the opportunity to give a 5 star rating at completion of this now agreed upon scope of work ?

Yes, of course...the only reason its four stars is sometimes people dont like their answers...but I have to be honest:)

Replace transmission..?? Two stars!!

I am east coast and you are where? And who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

I'm 58 and My brain seems to work better after a good night sleep...So what is a good time for you tomorrow?

Let me know when you will call anytime in morning is fine for me

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
David A. Daniels, Leesville, LA. I propose calling you at 9:00 AM Leesville time which I believe is 10:00 AM your time.

David that will work fine