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I have a 2012 Frontier, fairly basic model w/ aftermarket

Customer Question

I have a 2012 Frontier, fairly basic model w/ aftermarket Viper remote start installed last November. Only routine maintenance so far, and before the problem below, had the original battery.
I parked in my driveway, and shortly after tried to start the truck to leave. Nothing-no power at all. + terminal of battery had huge mushroom of corrosion, which I cleaned and reattached. Corrosion was also present on some surrounding areas, such as the strap that holds the battery in place.
After replacing + connection, turning key resulted in cranking, but would not start. I checked fuses in 3 panels, but found all intact. Battery discharged fairly quickly when attempting to start, and as I had noticed some bulging, I replaced the battery. There was no change with the new battery except that it retained charge longer.
I reset the remote start per their instructions, with the key fob associating/functions working. (Door locks worked, remote start tried)
A mechanic friend of mine took a look- he was able to get the truck to fire on ether, but not continue to run. He also verified my previous troubleshooting. He suggested that the chip key may have lost programming and would need to be reprogrammed at the dealership.
Dealership said key was fine, and their diagnosis was that ECM and BCM had failed and needed replaced- the cause likely being crossed jumpers during jump starting. (Note NO mention of a jump start above.) No alternate explanation was given. Because of the cost ($1700-ish) and the feeling that this might not be correct, I had the vehicle towed to another shop for a second opinion. (not a nissan dealership, but trustworthy)
The new battery was discharged before it left the Nissan dealership, and when tested by the second mechanic, read as needing to be replaced. Furthermore, the vehicle will not even crank on a good battery- no response at all, if I understand the mechanic correctly. They do not have Nissan software, so cannot run full computer diagnoses, but did inspect wiring for visible shorts and grounds and found nothing.
My question is- did my Nissan dealership break my truck (more than it was before), or is there a good explanation for this?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jay replied 11 months ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** thank you for your question.

Due to the amount of info provided, would you be interested in the premium service? that would allow you to speak to be one on one. It may be faster and easier to help you with your issue.

Let me know..

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Email works better for me at the moment. I have the diagnostic printouts that the dealership gave me if that would help. The short version is that I suspect that someone at the dealership made an error that turned my crank, no start problem into a fried battery, no response. I did forget to mention that they claim to have found and replaced blown fuses, where we found none before and did not note which ones they replaced.
Expert:  Jay replied 11 months ago.

Well, this is going to take some time going back and forth.

I have seen where after market alarms when reset can cause no crank issues. I would disable the after market alarm by unplugging the one main plug on the alarm and see if the engine starts to turn over again

Give that a try

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
There is no alarm on the truck. It is only remote start, which does have a security feature. I can try disabling it to see if it resumes cranking. If it does not, what are your thoughts?
Expert:  Jay replied 11 months ago.

They have to hook the alarm up to the truck to get the remote start to work. So I would simply unplug the main connector to the alarm control unit to disable it and see if the engine turns over

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I will see what happens. I'm talking to you in my spare moments at work, so I'll update you tomorrow or late this evening.
Expert:  Jay replied 11 months ago.