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david craig
david craig, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Nissan
Satisfied Customers: 3131
Experience:  owner/mechanic at 3D Automotive
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It's smoking in the front left but it isn't overheated, No.

Customer Question

It's smoking in the front left but it isn't overheated
JA: Have you checked the coolant? Have you checked for a leak in the cooling system?
Customer: No. I just pulled in to work and while sitting there so a whiff of smoke. Checked the dash to see if overheating but it was okay there. Checked inside the hood and then saw the smoke.
JA: What is the model/year of your Nissan?
Customer: 2005 Nissan Quest
JA: Are you fixing your Quest yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: I know nothing about fixing. I just am trying to figure what to do when I get off work.
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No, other than that I've no problem
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

Hi Im David, was there a distinct smell to the smoke? where in the front left was it coming from?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
In front of the battery but no smell
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
just trying to get an idea as to what it is. My funds today are limited so I'll not call this time
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

the site does that automatically. i didnt offer the call. sorry

Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

is it raining there? if so it could be that water got on something and its not a problem. if its not raining, was it near the coolant reservoir?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I put coolant in last evening before I drove home from work. I tried to see if it was still there this morning but it was too dark. I thought I'd check that later. However, the thermometer is showing normal. No it isn't raining and the smoke is on the other side as the coolant reservoir is on the right and the smoke seemed to be on the left maybe unless it drifted.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I don't have a mechanic I can go to tomorrow because the company I usually work with I cannot afford this week. I've taken cars to them forever but I'm kinda low on funds today. Just afraid that if something is drastically wrong and the car cannot drive I have no way to get to work next week.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
are you still there?
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

how often do have to put coolant in?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Every couple of months. Last night was the first in about 4-5 months. I check to see the level and then add to it.
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Just wondering if the radiator could be overheating without the thermometer showing the problem?
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

im not going to be able to answer this. i am not going to guess. the radiator isnt overheating if the temp gauge is reading normally. you are going to have to run the vehicle with the hood open and stand there to see where the smoke is coming from. guessing doesnt fix cars.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Gotcha! I will do that cause it wasn't smoking while I was driving it here only when I parked I saw a whiff of smoke and then I opened the hood and saw smoke. I didn't put oil in last evening so I figured it wasn't and oil spill. I get back to you later if that's alright.
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

thats fine. ill be here

Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

any update?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I thought you had gone on. Anyway, it is Tuesday. Hardly used my car the whole weekend. On Sat morning I put more oil in the motor. Drove it today a fair distance. So far no smoke. Maybe it needed more oil. I hope so. On my return this evening driving back I will continue the watch. If no more smoke then it means it may have been running on dry. If it smokes again and I know it isn't because of a radiator or engine problem then I'll have to try to find out what else causes a white smoke from in front of the battery cage.
Expert:  david craig replied 9 months ago.
Im very sorry but I'm on vacation and the sites mobile app will not allow me to see anything except you are waiting on a reply. Please request another expert so you wont need to wait until i get home. Thank you