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A 96 maxima is a car that I know like the back of my hand.I

Customer Question

A 96 maxima is a car that I know like the back of my hand.I have all ecu pinouts and have made you videos on rewiring the ecm computer system and how it works.done everythING from timing chain to whatever.I took on a case where an engine was installed, the timing chain was done incorrectly which I fixed.the bank one synchronizer chain was off but the other two chains were right and there is something wrong between the ignition swotch fise box and there is something frying the computers so it is happening in the coil dtivers of the computer of so that all of the fast spark is going to the number 3 coil connecter and none to the rest of the 5 except for a last spark at the end some times.all grounds,power source to the ecm cam and both crank signals ate good at the computer plug in. There is a red/black ignition source that was the fuse box.The one i got was less fried but still had no power coming from #33 fuse to the number to the number 20 pin ecm
Brown/white eire throigh a 7.5 amp fuse.
that black/red wire off the ignition splices to a spliced red wire powers theignition coils and injectors.this new box has about 30 ohms now with all relavent sensors plugged and unplugged and to two fuse boxes three fried computers.I am such a slow typer and there are so many relent details.I have to stop.I wish I could talk it out with an expert on my phone..the box and I got from the junkyard and matching computer worked for a minute.I got normal spark on number 2 coil but they had destroyes the bank two injector rail,wide open spewing out gas.I fixed o come to find out the ecm fried again.I have spent so much money and time on The engine is perfect with high compression and in time.I was a former molecular biologist that k ows how to isolate variables and tease out answers. This could be answered by an elictrical maxima tech with basick knowledge of how electricity works,coils and drivers on this so called engine number is(###) ###-####and I will gladly pay every left on my debit card to speak with someone and will know if the answer is correct when I hit con tinge I am afraid there will be more typing and give up.I have a 20,000 and 0 undefeated record on any type of car
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Nissan
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is there some type of common type problem circiut in these fuse boxes. So all junkyard fuse boxes will be bad. No pins on the flip side of thsee fuse boxes is conductive to the 7.5 amp fuse 33 that powers the brown white wire to pin 20.I know how to plug and unplug things,,,,,,,was a research scientist,is there any way to kill the typing and get a call? Studied the toy for months will know immediately if the answer is right and who I am speaking with..on the timing chain there are three.the primary was right.the orientation of exhaust and intake is reversed between the two banks.Could the shop have screw that up too but it has tight impression on all valves.the typiin is killing g me
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Going to log into my email now and want to take this slow and eas with lots of analytical reasonING with a comprehensive master tech on 4th generation maximas
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I mean if I miss the call trying to dodge nonstop barge of calls what area code what I look for.people are hunting me and I have to avoid them till I nail this one.there is a curse to a 20 ,000 and 0 perfect record.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am at the gym will be out at 1pm my number is(###) ###-####I would really like to figure out this problem.I got pics of all the repairs ,my eye glasses and sxhematics.the phone call will take some time,there is a lot of info that I have taken notes on.If you guys can't figure it out,is there another route?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Expert:  Chad Farhat replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I' m Chad. Welcome to JustAnswer. I' m reviewing your question now, and I will be post back with your reply ASAP

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It is so good to make contact with you.I would gladly pay for a service that has access to on point electrical info.I have tried alldata to get scematics but they always leave out the relavent info,are very vague and give wrong info and no customer is a brief summary of the problem on this 96 maxima.The secondary bank 1 timing chain was corrected by me and the bank 2 injectors were fried open.I repaired those.The 6 ignition coils are controlled by 6 drivers at the ecm
For example,the number 1 is red/yellow and the number 3 is blue/red. Schematics are not in front of me but that's off the top of my head and anyway you have the schematics.When I switch those two wires now there is a very past continuous spark at the number one which means that it's coming from the number 3 driver in the ecm and there are no spark at any other coils except for maybe at the very end
I am turning the ignition to run and using a remote start wire to the battery. I noticed on the original fuse box that that main circuit coming from the ignition switch which is black red/black
Goes into the fuse box and out as a red splice that powers the injectors and the coils .That circuit was conductive to ground with everything disconnected so there was a short in the fuse box or surrounding wires.The second fuse box was a dead on match and has about 40 ohms between that power circuit and ground.I think it worked with the new ecm for a second because i saw spark on number 4 but there was gas flying out of those cylinders as i desribed so i stopped.I didnt want to catch thr car on fire or fry thr new ecm.I do not have the schematics for the fuse box so i cant take it apart and repair any circuitry or manipulate it the way i am doing with the wires under the hood.there are wires coming off at fuse box that go to other places .I disconnected everything from that red power circuit aND checked the integrity of the's clean and the ecm is receiving everything it two fried fuse boxes and three fried computers and no fuse box schematics?before I go on,I want to go over the timing chain repair.The primary is easy and all links and marks add up.when the secondary chain,bank1 was off.some of the cylinders were sucking in air on a compression test.I fixed that by lining up my gold links correctly and restored perfect compression. To the engine
I have picks of everything
You know that the orientation the intake and exhaust cam are reversed between bank 1 and 2 which I got it possible that the shop actually put the bank1 secondary cams in place of bank 2? and it fits and has perfect compression
I read in some notes that there is a difference in the bank 1 and bank 2 cams I'm not going to take the whole time chain
down again on a whim I don't think that this would actually fit couldn't account for a symp***** *****ke that. I would like to change the title of this post to number 3 sparking fast Nissan Maxima and when I get through with somebody if they could be on the same page that I am on and understand what's going on and give me a answer that is really good so I will be using you always. This has been a very expensivery hobby,endeavor but I must maintain a perfect through stuff tougher then this. been a very expensive and ever for me it's kind of like an expensive hobby but it really makes me look like a fool I'm working after a shop that did a lot of things wrong but I think every single thing except for this damn fast spark on number 3 driver is fixed perfectly.Chad could you run this by your best nissan tech.I will know if the answer is on point.HOW CAN THE POST TITLE BE CHANGED SO THE OWNER CAN SEE IT?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Btw, this is the second fuse box and third computer giving the same spark from coil driver 3 in the computer and none at any other coil driver.I really don't think the last mechanic switched the bank1 and bank2 sprockets.I have pics of everything I repaired
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Why is there no power feed to fuse 33 in the interior fuse block.nothing is conductive from the back side of fuse block to the paper clip that I put in that fuse slot?this powers up a brown white c ircuit to pin 20 at the ecm
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ReviEwing what I wrote.I fixed the pb with the bank1 secondary chain and replaced the bank2 injector rail.they had fried all of those injectors open.what is causing this abhorrent spark pattern?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I need a little help.I know there is a lot of info that I provided, it might be a little dIsorganized but I will get through it. I have always wanted a service like yours.I just need to staRt a dialogue