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I have a 2009 Thailand build Navara D40 automatic with

Customer Question

I have a 2009 Thailand build Navara D40 automatic with 190000km on the clock my issue is - upon hard acceleration the car pulls well in 1st, changes into 2nd still pulling well till nearing the 3rd gear change where it loses power & drops back to between two and a half to three thousand revs though if you back off the throttle it changes into 3rd & if I ease the throttle up gingerly it will accelerate up to hwy speeds.This has been ongoing for some weeks now & its been driveable since hard acceleration is still available though for only approx. 5 seconds until I drove up the Toowoomba range on the way up to Oakey to a job (I do carry approx 900kgs off gear) a few weeks ago when it began making a screeching sound speeding up along with eng revs as well as getting louder so I backed off to approx 50 kph till the top of the range when I could gingerly wind it back up to 100 kph. This screeching sound was still there though got louder upon acceleration up a hill or just going through the gears from traffic lights However on my return the screeching sound had gone though still couldn't apply too much throttle or it would die in power/revs. I've been driving it around steadily since though took a mechanic for a test drive to show issue on friday just past though instead of backing off when power was lost at aprrox 4000rpm in 2nd I kept throttle wide open to see what it would do for at least 500 or more mtrs & now screeching noise comes in at lower revs and gets louder as you accelerate up to speed limit (when noise eases up). I've looked through many forums trying to find one with same problem. I've cleaned sensors (@air cleaner & intercooler), taken car to Mr. Turbo etc. Could automatic gearbox have anything to do with this dry screeching sound & power loss as sound increases along with speed? Mark
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jay replied 1 year ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** thank you for your question. This screeching noise, this is most commonly a drive belt issue. Has the belt been checked? Also do you have the AC on when the screeching starts? Also it could be something along the drivebelt configuration is seizing up causing the belt noise as well.

Let me know..