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I have a 2001 pathfinder. It had been stalling lately after running for a while when I took my foot off the gas pedal. It would always restart but I had to feed it gas or it would stall again. I had to drop it into neutral and give it gas at a stop to keep it running. Last night I was driving home in this manner when I suddenly smelled something like burning insulation inside the passenger compartment. After that, the car stalled and would not restart.
It had also, several weeks earlier, started to rev up and down on its own at a stop. I hit the gas and that knocked it down to a low idle but then it stalled. I restarted at that time and was able to get home without further trouble.
The car has not been driven much for the past month due to an A/C issue (we live in Florida). Just replaced the A/C hose that was leaking and yesterday's trip was the first time we had taken it out after that. It was only on the drive home (approx 40 miles) that the trouble happened.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I’m Ron and I can help you.I have been in the auto repair business with my own shops since 1975 and also teachautomotive repair. I am confident we can resolve your problem together. Pleaseunderstand that I don't know your skill level. In most cases when you have a problemwith the way the vehicle performs, specialized tooling is required to acquire computerdata/information or engine testing results. We didn’t build these complicated vehicles; wejust diagnose and fix them. Also understand that I can't see, smell, hear, or touch thevehicle either, so it may take a few replies to get to satisfactory results. I am also going todirect you with the fastest, easiest and most common things to check first. Please bepatient and permit me to do what I do best.I also try to give all of the information you may need, expecting a “positive rating” inreturn. I will also continue assisting you after you have rated me, if necessary. If thereis any reason I cannot get a positive rating, please let me know why “in advance”, so Ican go another direction for you. I am sorry you’re having this problem; I’ll help youthrough it. It sounds like the computer is not recognizing the position of the gas pedal. Check the TP sensor with a scope. See attachment.Thanks, Ron