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PROBLEM #1: My car broke down (smoking) on the hwy and was

Customer Question

PROBLEM #1: My car broke down (smoking) on the hwy and was towed to my mechanic. My car has been losing coolant which I've been adding weekly (as instructed by my mechanic).
PROBLEM #2: Rear Noise when breaking
The following is listed on my $2037 invoice:
Cylinder head gasket (R & R)
Valve Job 4 cyl w/4 valve
Surface 4 cyl
Knurl 7-9 guides
Pressure test
R & R Camshaft and adjust 4 valves 4-4 head
Gasket Set
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Anti-freeze Coolant
Distill Water
Timing Chain Guide (13091-1KC1A)
Timing Chain Guide (13085-1KC1A)
Cylinder Head Bolt
Water Valve
1 Spark Plug
Break Shoes
Wheel Cylinder
Ignitiion Coil
Rear Right Drum
When I got my car back, it had some new problems. (New Problem #1) smelled like mechanic grease/mint smell inside the cab. (Existing Problem #2) The rear noise is still there even with new shoes, drum and cylinder head bolt (per the invoice and inspection). Now once in a while it's a grinding noise as well when I break. I returned it to the mechanic and he says he doesn't smell anything. The smell is so bad that when I park it in our garage the whole garage smells and the smell goes up the stairs to our living room. (New Problem #3) When I turn the ignition (before the car turns on) there is a clicking noise that was not there before. Same clicking noise when I turn the key off. (New Problem #4) There is a winning noise when I drive. (New Problem #5) The pedal (not the breaks) make a squeaking/slushy noise. When I open the hood, and I step on the pedal my friend says the break fluid container goes up and down and the parts connected to it also move creating the squeaking/slushy noise. I don't know if this is normal, but my car did not do this before.
My mechanic has not been able to resolve the rear noise nor the new problems. Do you know what could be causing the smell and rear noise, clicking when I turn the key etc?
Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jake replied 1 year ago.

1. The grease/mint smell is likely from the car being located in the garage for an extended period of time where the smells of grease are constant. Also the steering wheel and floor mat may have some on it. Powerwash the floor mats at the spray and wash then clean the steering wheel.

2. If there was grease on the shoes or no grease on the pad clips it will squeak. I see this all the time. Additionally the rear brake shoes may not be fully releasing if there is an issue with the rear line.

3. A click with the ignition switch sounds pretty normal to me to be honest. You putting accessory power to everything. Anything from relays to a/c actuators etc can click at this time.

4. i assume you mean whining noise? a better description of the whining noise and its location is needed to even guess at this one over the net.

5. its normal for fluid to go down when the pedal is pressed. If the pedal is slushy though its likely because they brakes were not bled properly. They should be pretty firm.

If you need anything else let me know. Please be sure to leave a kind rating though so the site credits me for my time.