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I recently had a mechanic change out a leaking valve cover

Customer Question

I recently had a mechanic change out a leaking valve cover gasket, which includes the spark plug gaskets. After this happened, the leak around the majority of the main gasket stopped; however, I found oil in my spark plug well.
Now, I'm afraid to pull the spark plug wire out out because I'm afraid the oil (if increased in level) will drown out the spark plug.
I already checked the torque on all the bolts with a torque wrench - it checked out fine.
When I called my mechanic, he said to bring it by and they'll re-torque it. My only concern is that they'll over-tighten it and ruin the entire valve cover.
Is there anything else I should look at?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Super mechanic replied 1 year ago.

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It is very possible, and likely that the spark plug seal(s) was not seated correctly when the cover was installed. If there is oil down in the hole near the spark plug, that is the only thing that will do that.


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