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2001 Altima, doors randomly lock. Last week I lost my keys

Customer Question

2001 Altima, doors randomly lock. Last week I lost my keys and fob. Locksmith cut a new key and programmed it to start the car. I no longer have a fob. The ignition switch was replaced a year ago so the key does not match the door key.
Since the locksmith cut the new key, the door will lock at random times while driving. The other day it locked after parking. I closed the front door while was retrieving my bag from the back but the doors locked before I could open the back door and unfortunately my purse was on the front seat.
Have you heard of anything like this before?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Mike V. replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,

I have seen this issue a few times. First, are you 100% certain you didn't lose or leave the key and fob in the car? If so, the fob might be pushing against something and locking the doors.

That being said, usually what I see is water intrusion in the driver side door. Sometimes the water will get into the door harness connector that runs to the lock cylinder and cause signal to be sent to the body control module to lock and or unlock the doors. If you remove the inner door panel, sometimes you can see a water trail that goes into the harness and causes the problem. To prevent the door from locking and unlocking, the lock switch on the lock cylinder could be disconnected. This would prevent signal being sent to the control module and the doors would stop locking and unlocking.

This is or should not be related to the locksmiths work. As for the noise inside the steering column, I honestly do not have any explanation for that, but it would not be related to the door lock issue.

Please let me know what more I can do to assist you today. Also, please remember to rate my answer, Just Answer does not compensate me for my time and resources. Follow up questions are included in the price of your question. If you are using the free trial, a rating is still required.
Thank you so much!