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II have recently purchased a 93 Nissan 240SX. The engine

Customer Question

iI have recently purchased a 93 Nissan 240SX. The engine wiring harness has been cut and spliced at the air flow sensor. I do not have a factory manual so I am hoping that you will be able to provide me with a diagram of the MAF and tell me if those wires have been hooked up wrong could it fry the ECU. The plug for the MAF had been cut and thrown away and the wires had ends crimped on them and jammed into the cavity where the plug would go. I have put the wires where I think they should go but my signal wire is reading almost 11 volts at idle and needless to say the car runs like shit unless I am WOT. I have just purchased a used factory MAF off of e bay with a pig tail for the MAF and am hoping you can help me out. The VIN is JN1MS34P1PW300595.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Mike S. replied 2 years ago.

Here is the wiring diagram.

Expert:  Mike S. replied 2 years ago.

Yeah, at no time should that voltage be over 4 volts. The wires are hooked up wrong, hopefully it didn't fry the ecm. Here is how to test it.

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