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Altima 3.5SE: 2005 altima 3.5se automatic. Ive changed both

Customer Question

2005 altima 3.5se automatic. Ive changed both cam sensors and the crank sensor. I have a ses lighy on. Codes for VIAS and for U1001. Randomly about 2 weeks ago cranked the car and it shifted to drive and it went staight to 5th gear. Drove a bit. Turned it off let it sit. Cranked it. Drove fine. Drove fine for a few days. As time progressed it got worse. It happend more often now to the point that its does it everytime. Not sure what to do.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Greg replied 2 years ago.
Name is***** goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back,

The code U1001 says it all ,

Nissan has TSB for this issue .
A common cause is the poor harness ground connection at the engine bay and the ground connection behind the dash. also check the harness connections on the ECM Clean and replace harness ground connection and clear codes .

No communication between the engine control unit and another control units that are part of the CAN system a bad ground or connection will cause you this code ..

If you have other codes these should all be cleared and a test drive done and recheck for codes .any codes that come back besides the U1001 should be taken care of first .

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Kind regards Greg.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

But will this cause the fail safe mode of the transmission and make it stay in fifth gear?

Expert:  Greg replied 2 years ago.
Hi Eric .

Yes but its will be 3rd gear ..

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The displays shows that it is in fth gear when i shift it into drive.

Expert:  Greg replied 2 years ago.
Okay then Eric i suggest you have a transmission shop hook up his scan tool and read TCM codes.. as this is looking more than just a shorted out wiring harness .looks like the wiring harness for the transmission may have a short .

Rgds Greg