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Sentra: I am having the same random trunk opening problems

Customer Question

I am having the same random trunk opening problems with my 2013 Sentra. The problem is VERY intermittent. I just came from the Niaasn dealer who hinted toward "in-pocket" activation of the key fob. I just checked the sensitivity on my key fobs. Both fobs do not seem hyper-sensitive in any way. They have a firm "push-and-hold" action to them. On a previous visit to the dealer sometime ago, a technician said he knew of the problem and probed a screwdriver into the lock mechanism and broke off a tab and said the problem should be resolved. Then sometime later though, the trunk began to randomly open again. But like I said, the occurrence is very intermittent.
This morning, a technician checked the Nissan technical bulletins and did not see anything relating to random trunk openings.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is***** will answer your question the best I can if I have helped please remember to leave a positive rating
The key fob possibility might be the problem it doesn't have to be a sensitive key fob just if the button in your pocket or a purse is being pressed. of course you can eliminate the key fobs by removing the batteries in them and if the trunk still opens then its not from a signal from the key fobs. another possibility could be radio wave interference, because the system uses rf signals from the key fobs to unlock the doors and trunk then there could be some frequencies coming from power lines or cell towers that may be closely matching the rf frequency to open the trunk. if that's the case then replacing the bcm would probably fix the problem because that would change the frequency needed to open the trunk of course the key fobs would need to be reprogrammed to the new bcm. another possibility is maybe the switch on the dash that opens the trunk if it is intermittently giving a signal to open the trunk then that could be the problem again if the switch were un-plugged and the trunk still opens intermittently then that would eliminate it as a problem. some time ago we used to have to take some of the cars off our lot to be able to program key fobs because of where I worked there were too many power lines interfering with the programming of the key fobs. so your problem could be similar to that
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, Rick.I will relay your response to the Nissan dealer this afternoon when I go back to have a tire repaired. In the meantime, please spell out "bcm." I'm not familiar of that abbreviation.Also, the fob battery obviously operates the fob push buttons. But is the fob battery also needed for the door handle push buttons to sense the proximity of the fob? In other words, will the door handle push buttons operate if the fob does not have a battery?
Expert:  Rick replied 2 years ago.
BCM is Body Control Module it operates just about everything from door locks to headlights and heater/ac systems. With out the key fob batteries the outside door handles buttons won't work so you would have to open the door with the mechanical key. I think finding your problem is going to be a matter if eliminating the possible causes like the key fobs and the switch in the dash