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Roy Belding
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nissan maxima: I have 06 nissan maxima 3.5 liter, 80,000 miles.

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I have 06 nissan maxima 3.5 liter, 80,000 miles. after a while of use, the transmission slips slaps me. in the workshop gives a code p 0780, oil change was 2 years ago, this course is not contaminated.
good evening my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you tonight

From the code description, it appears to be a valve body issue. I will post the description below for your review. Attempting this repair without a scan tool is very tough. it would be easier to have someone check the solenoids for you to find the one at fault.



This malfunction will not be detected while the A/T CHECK indicator lamp is indicating another self-diagnosis malfunction.
This malfunction is detected when the A/T does not shift as instructed by the TCM. This is not caused by electrical malfunction (circuits open or shorted) but by mechanical malfunction such as control valve sticking, improper solenoid valve operation, etc.
On Board Diagnosis Logic
This is an OBD-II self-diagnostic item.
Diagnostic trouble code SHIFT with CONSULT-II or P0780 without CONSULT-II is detected under the following conditions.
When no rotation change occurs between input (turbine revolution sensor) and output (revolution sensor) and shifting time is long.
When shifting ends immediately.
When engine revs up unusually during shifting.
Possible Cause
Shift solenoid valve D (Off error.)
Shift solenoid valve E (Off error.)
Pressure control solenoid valve A (On/Off error.)
Pressure control solenoid valve B (On/Off error.)
Pressure control solenoid valve C (On/Off error.)
Hydraulic control circuit
DTC Confirmation Procedure

Always drive vehicle at a safe speed.
Be careful not to rev engine into the red zone on the tachometer.
NOTE: If DTC Confirmation Procedure has been previously performed, always turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds before performing the next test.

After the repair, perform the following procedure to confirm the malfunction is eliminated.


Start engine and select A/T with "DATA MONITOR" mode in CONSULT-II.
Make sure that ATF temperature is within the range below. FLUID TEMP: More than 60°C (140°F)
If out of range, drive the vehicle to warm up the fluid.
Drive vehicle and allow the following conditions. SLCT LVR POSI: "D" position
GEAR: 1st => 2nd => 3rd => 4th => 5th position
If DTC is detected, go to "Diagnostic Procedure" below.
Follow the procedure "With CONSULT-II".

Wiring Diagram - AT - SFTFNC



Diagnostic Procedure
CHECK EACH SHIFT SOLENOID VALVE CIRCUIT Perform Diagnostic Procedure for the following DTCs.
"DTC P0765 SHIFT SOLENOID VALVE D" (Refer to "Diagnostic Procedure" below.) See: P0765
"DTC P0770 SHIFT SOLENOID VALVE E" (Refer to "Diagnostic Procedure" below.) See: P0770 OK or NG
OK >> GO TO 2.
NG >> Repair or replace damaged parts.
CHECK EACH PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE CIRCUIT Perform Diagnostic Procedure for the following DTCs.
"DTC P0745 PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE A" (Refer to "Diagnostic Procedure" below.) See: P0745
"DTC P0775 PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE B" (Refer to "Diagnostic Procedure" below.) See: P0775
"DTC P0795 PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE C" (Refer to "Diagnostic Procedure" below.) See: P0795 OK or NG
OK >> GO TO 3.
NG >> Repair or replace damaged parts.
CHECK DTC Perform DTC Confirmation Procedure. Refer to "DTC Confirmation Procedure".
OK or NG
NG >> Replace the control valve assembly.
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