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Nissan Patrol: Can you confirm if I have the correct serpentine

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Can you confirm if I have the correct serpentine belt for my Patrol?
December 04 3 ltr turbo diesel auto
Motor ZD30 (DDTi)

Belt no. supplied 7PK 1640
Seems to be approx 25mm too short

Stranded in Tibooburra Help wld be appreciated
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Sorry to hear of your troubles..

I can confirm that the belt you have there - the 7pk 1640 is listed for your vehicle -

This is the listing as follows :
7PK1640 Alternator Fan Belt, Nissan Patrol 00>10 3.0 Diesel
Part Type:x1 Fan Belt (For Alternator)

If it is the alternator belt you are replacing - that is the one.

They can be awkward to get on - ensure you have backed the tensioner off far enough - I think you will find thats your issue.

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all -

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Best Rgds, MIKE.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey Mike, is there a method or a trick in getting this bloody belt

over the tension pulley? We still seem to be an inch shy. Other

than using basic tools & brute force jst wanna confirm

we're goin about it the right way. Look fwd to hearing from ya

REAL soon.

Cheers Steve.

Hi again Steve -

Its hard to say not being there- Just be sure you have undone / slackened all the bolts so that you can adjust the tensioner back.

Sometimes the little "chockabsorber" part seizes in position - if thats happen, chances are thats whats holding it.

Its not unusual to have to replace the whole tensioner assembly Steve - but again, all I can suggest really without seeing it is as above--

If you can get the belt anywhere near / close- you can get it to hold on the pulleys - right up the last one - and I would say fit the belt to the alternator one last - as its the smallest and easiest - have the belt taught and hold the belt on with a tool as a lever - as close on to the alternator pulley as you can - while holding it -get someone to turn the engine over clockwise - You can then rotate the belt on... ( you can get someone to flick the engine over on the key - trade trick - but be careful ! )

I hope it goers ok for you ..

Best Rgds, MIKE.