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Nissan Sunny EX: I own a 2001 model nissan sunny saloon car

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I own a 2001 model nissan sunny saloon car with a 1.3litre engine. The water in the radiator got finished and the car engine overheated spoiling the top cylinder gasket. The gasket has been replaced, but the car has refused to start. The two engine sensors have been checked and found okay. also the brain box, fuel pump and airflow meter have also been checked and found to be okay.

The big question is why would the car not start?
Hi I see you are having some trouble I will try to help. I would first double check to see that all sensors are plugged in and that all ground wires are connected. Next I would suspect that it is possible that the timing belt is installed incorrectly causing the engine to be out of time. They can do a compression test on the cylinders to determine this. Also they can verify that the timing marks line up. have them to check these out and let me know what they find. Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The car came with a timing chain and that was checked also. They discovered that the sprocket in the lower part of the engine was missing a tooth and that was immediately replaced even before we started checking out the sensors.

In setting the timing chain, they manually turned the engine a couple of times as they were adjusting the chain to ensure it was taut. I guess that is what the compression test is all about.

How can I tell that the timing marks line up?

To perform a compression test you will need a compression gage it screws in the spark plug hole. You can test all cylinders and compare the readings. If it is out of time you should have atleast 1 cylinder that is considerably lower than the others. I will check to see if I have any info on timing mark alignment.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

From your explanation now I can confirm that they did not carry out a compression test. I am not so sure they even have such an equipment.

Is there any other way round it because I am almost certain they will not be able to carry out a compression test.

What is your advice on getting a fairly used engine of an earlier model that probably does not use a brain box but with adaptable engine seat?

A compression gage is very affordable and every shop should have one. You probably won't find a engine with an adaptable seat for this car. If I had to replace the engine I would get the exact same engine from a salvage yard with low miles so that it is a direct fit. If you try to swap a different engine you will have trouble making everything match up. First you have to make the motor mounts line up then you will most definitely have to replace the transmission as well because it won't bolt to the engine.
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