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2000 nissan sentra gxe: malfunction..that related to,car wont start

Resolved Question:

2000 nissan sentra gxe,p0505, idol control system malfunction,what is that related to,car won't start?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  snapontech replied 5 years ago.
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I suspect the Mass airflow sensor is bad or the engine control module controlling the maf Take the Green wire out of the MAF sensor connector and check the voltage from the MAF sensor terminal (that the Green wire would normally connect to) with the key on , and then when running and accelerating, to see if the voltage changes then. With the MAF sensor unplugged, turn the key on and check the Green wire to see if there is any voltage on it from the ECM if so there is a short inside the ECM Thanks

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
any possibility of being a fuel filter/or bad gas/won't start.wants to fire but won't start,will a bad MAF make the car not start?
Expert:  snapontech replied 5 years ago.
Yes a bad maf will cause this or the engine control module. This can also be cause from a clogged catalytic convertor and a bad fuel pump. I would start by checking the MAF if this tests fine than move on to the fuel pressure needs to be 34PSI than if the fuel is good ensure you have good spark if you have good spark and fuel than you need to check the catalytic convertor which is part of the exhaust if plugged up it will lean out both the banks cause no start and give this code. I have had on some occurances with a bad MAF disconnecting it allows the vehicle to start give it a try. Thanks

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