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2005 Pathfinder LE: it would stall..camshaft position sensor..recall

Resolved Question:

My 2005 Pathfinder LE with 89k miles developed a problem a few months ago where it would stall out and refuse to start for 3-5 minutes. The dealer diagnosed this as a camshaft position sensor (code p340 something I think?) and replaced both the faulty sensor and an IPDM relay under recall. Now, the engine feels underpowered, especially when going uphill. I have to give it a lot more gas to accelerate, and it revs much higher while doing so. Dealer ran all kinds of tests and unable to diagnose.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Jay replied 5 years ago.

Jay :

Hello and thank you for using

Jay :

No Service Engine Soon light on?

Customer: Nope, it was until they replaced the sensor but not anymore.
Customer: Also when I slow to a stop, the RPM gauge will "bounce" down to like 500 then back up to 1000 or so
Jay :

I wonder if you have a MAF sensor going bad.

Jay :

90% of the time the MAF ( Mass Air Flow ) sensor heated element which meters the air so the computer can add the proper fuel mixture has fallen out of spec. Not enough to cause a Service Engine Soon light but enough to cause the Air and fuel Mixture to be so off it can cause No Start, Stalling, poor acceleration, won't rev over a certain Rpm, and running issues. I would have the Air and Fuel mixture readings checked to verify. Checking the voltage will not show the fault, the air and fuel mixture will. If found to be bad, do not replace with a After Market one. After market MAF sensors never seem to work properly. There heated element doesn't work right which can cause 02 sensors to flat line and have you chasing you tail trying to figure out what is wrong. So the only way to correct this issue if you do have a bad MAF sensor is to replace it with a OEM.

Customer: How easy is that to replace? A DIY job?
Customer: Also this issue just started after the camshaft position sensor was replaced, it was fine prior to that going bad. Do you think there could be any correlation?
Jay :

Yeah, but the part is not cheap, so it's best to verify

Jay :

I don't recommend just throwing the part at it with out having it checked to verify this.

Customer: Ok. The dealer said they checked the "fuel pressure", that's not the same thing right? I should specifically ask them to check air and fuel mixture?
Jay :

Yeah, fuel pressure is not the same.

Jay :

The dealer calls it Alfa

Jay :

Repair shops call it long and short term fuel trim

Jay :

Those are the readings you want to check

Customer: Ok, I will ask them to check that. Thanks for the suggestion!
Jay :

Your welcome and thank you for using

Jay :

Thanks Jay!

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