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2009 nissan murano: lift..It wont open with the fob..hatch..interior

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on my 2009 nissan murano the power lift back will not open. It wont open with the fob or by pressing the exterior button on the hatch back. the interior button on the dash can't open.

some history: the car wouldn't start a couple of weeks ago. turned out to just be a bad battery and the dealer said the alternator was putting out sufficient power. shortly before the car went dead the lift gate wouldn't open then either. am concerned I have a short in my electrical system that drains the battery and because of low battery the lift gate won't open. If I'm right, the car should "die" again soon from another dead battery. Unless the two issues arent related?

here is tsb(technical service bulletin) regarding this problem:


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
this tsb is about starting the car. my problem is the hatchback/liftgate won't open. what am I missing wrt this tsb?



ok you did say that it didn't start a couple of weeks ago and the dealer changed the battery, Did they reprogram the computer. The keyfob also needs to be reprogrammed if this is not programmed it could cause a no start or the door or hatch not to work. There is a BCM Body Control Module that controls everything inside side the car including the doors,hatch, windows, radio, dash, head lights, cruise control, heating, everything that is electrical inside the car this controls. You can have only one problem or several differant thing. You need to caheck the fuse for the hatch and doors. Check for power to the fuse even if the fuse is ok use a test light. If you have no power then you need to test the BCM. There is a special scanner to read the BCM for this problem that the deal has. But if you know how to us the test light at the fuse box to see if the light comes on then the BCM is ok.

If you do get power at the fuse you need to test the power at the button for the hatch, if youhave power going into the switch but the hatch does not work you need a new switch. If this switch is bad it will not work also on the key fob.

So if you have a no start try the TSB

Now what could be going on with the Hatch is the Fuse, Switch, or the BCM.

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