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eric, Automotive Repair Shop Manager
Category: Nissan
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nissan maxima how do you remove a timing chain cover on 2005

Resolved Question:

how do you remove a timing chain cover on 2005 nissan maxima 3.5 motor?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  eric replied 6 years ago.

below are step by step directions to remove the timing chain cover:

3.5L Engine

  1. Drain the engine oil.
  2. Drain the cooling system.
  3. Relieve the fuel system pressure.
  4. Remove or disconnect the following:
    Before detaching any hoses or connectors, note the locations for reassembly.

    • Negative battery cable
    • Left side rocker cover ornament

    • Air duct to intake manifold hose, collector hose, blow-by hose and vacuum hoses
    • Fuel hoses and detach the harness connections
    • Canister purge hoses
    • Water hoses from the cylinder head and intake manifold
    • Spark plugs
    • Bolts that secure the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) tube and remove the tube
    • Intake manifold collector supports and the collector
    • Fuel tube assembly
    • Intake manifold.
    • Left-hand and right-hand intake valve timing control solenoid valves
    • Left-hand and right-hand rocker covers from the cylinder head
    • Engine undercovers
    • Right front wheel and the engine side covers
    • Drive belts and the idler pulley
    • Power steering oil pump belt and the power steering oil pump assembly
    • Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor (PHASE) and Crankshaft Position (CKP) sensors (REF)/(POS)

  5. Set the No. 1 piston to Top Dead Center (TDC) of compression stroke by rotating the crankshaft.

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Set the No. 1 piston to Top Dead Center (TDC)-3.5L engine

  6. Loosen the crankshaft pulley bolt while securing the ring gear so the crankshaft cannot rotate.
    Use care not to damage the ring gear teeth.

    Ring gear cover access plate

    Crankshaft pulley using a suitable puller
    Intake valve timing control valve cover. Loosen the bolts in the reverse order shown in the accompanying figure. In the cover, the shaft is engaged with the center hole of the intake camshaft sprocket. Remove it straight out until the engagement comes off.

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Loosen the intake valve timing control valve cover bolts in the reverse of the order shown-3.5L engine

    A/C compressor and bracket
    Front exhaust pipe and its support

  7. Hang the engine at the right and left side engine slingers with a suitable hoist.
  8. Support the transaxle with jack and remove:

    Right side engine mounting and bracket
    Center crossmember assembly
    Upper and lower oil pans
    Water pump cover
    Bolts that secure the front timing chain case, in sequence

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Remove the front timing chain case mounting bolts in the reverse of the sequence shown-3.5L engines

    Remove timing chain case cover using a seal cutter
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