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How do i change the clutch slave on a 2007 nissa versa

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how do i change the clutch slave on a 2007 nissa versa
Hello and welcome to!

The slave cylinder is installed onto the input shaft of the transmission. Accessing this requires removal of the transmission.

Once the transmission is out you just remove it's bolts and slide it off! Might as well put a new clutch in while you're at it too.

Once back together then you need to bleed the air out of it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes...I see where the line goes into the housing after the bleeder assembly. So I guess my next question is if u can give me instructions on how to pull the transmission.
The instructions say you have to remove the engine and transmission together before you have enough clearance to get the transmission out.

CLICK HERE for engine instructions
CLICK HERE for transmission instructions
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