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Nissan/Datsun D21 Hardbody Pickup My 91 Nissan Pickup worked

Customer Question

My 91 Nissan Pickup worked just fine with no issues last night. This morning it would not start. When I turned the key it would lose poser to the dash, and at times would click like it wanted to start. It would even turn once or twice without starting the engine. I have had issue with the negative battery connector being loose but it seems like the problem goes beyond just a loose connection.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  RomeoTech replied 6 years ago.
No start/ low power potential causes:
Timing Chain Jump
Junction Connector
Main Relay

This engine uses an oil pressure controlled timing chain tensioner. Failure of the tensioner will allow the timing chain to be loose and can cause the camshaft to jump time. A loose timing chain can also cause the timing chain guides to break and the timing chain can wear through the timing cover causing a coolant leak into the engine oil. To determine if the timing chain has jumped, perform an engine compression test. Normal engine compression is 192 PSI with a minimum of 142 PSI. When camshaft timing is off, compression is usually in the 120-125 PSI range. Another test is to remove the valve cover and physically inspect the camshaft timing marks using the appropriate service manual. If camshaft timing is off far enough, valve to piston contact is likely - resulting in bent valves. Also verify there is sufficient oil pressure to the timing chain tensioner assembly before replacing parts - make sure the oil passages are clean. Replace the timing chain tensioner and the timing chain. Also replace the timing gears and the chain guides and all other necessary parts. Verify the engine will start and run correctly.

1. Locate the main relay in the passenger relay box under the hood. The relay is Green in color and it should be located to the right of the Green fuel pump relay if one is standing at the passenger fender looking down at the relay box. At the relay verify there is good battery voltage at the White wires, the Engine Control Module (ECM) should ground the Blue/Red wire when it receives key on voltage and the relay should turn on and power the Green wire to the junction connector under the seat by the ECM.

3. If the relay tests good, locate the junction connector and see if it has a poor connection. Repair the wire harness or connection if there is a problem.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The problem seems more electrical in nature. All Im getting is a clicking from the starter, and I dont have a way to check voltages.
Expert:  RomeoTech replied 6 years ago.
Is the Pickup an automatic or manual transmission?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Its a manual. I just had a friend come over to help. We were able to jump start it with his truck but it will still not start on its own.
Expert:  RomeoTech replied 6 years ago.
The Interlock Relay powers up the Starter Solenoid. The Interlock Relay is located on the passenger fender by the battery. The interlock relay is commonly a Blue relay and has two 2-wire connectors that plug into it.

Bypass the Interlock Relay by unplugging the 2-wire connector with the Black/Yellow and Black/Pink wires in it and jump the two wires together, and see if the engine cranks.

The Interlock Relay is located oh the right hand side of fron fender next the the battery.