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Procedure for replacing an alternator on a 2004 Nissan Quest?

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What is the procedure for replacing an alternator on a 2004 Nissan Quest?
Hello, My Name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to assist you today.

Enclosed is alternator removal instructions as well as belt routing.

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal.


    1. Remove radiator.
    2. Remove the drive belt.
    3. Remove idler pulley.
    4. Remove the generator adjustable top mount, using power tools.
    5. Remove the generator lower bolt and nut, using power tools.
    6. Disconnect the generator harness connectors.
    7. Remove the generator upper bolt, using power tools.
    8. Remove the generator.

    To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    • Install the generator and check tension of drive belt.

    CAUTION: Be sure to tighten B terminal nut carefully.

    B terminal nut tightening torque : 25 Nm (2.6 kg-m, 18 ft-lb)


  • Customer: replied 6 years ago.
    A few Questions

    Some of the pictures have a "white" wrench in black background, while others have a "black" wrench in white background. Any difference??

    What do the numbers next to the wrench indicate the amount of torgue needed to loosen the bolt? Do I need special tools, like a torgue wrench or power tools for this job?
    The wrench symbol is the sign for the tightening specs. The color means nothing. The top bolt is tightened to 21 Ft lbs and the bottom bolt is tightened to 62 ft lbs. The job can be done with eaither power tools or hand tool.
    Customer: replied 6 years ago.
    Thank You

    Do I need a torque wrench to tighten to make sure that the bolts are tightened to the specs you mentioned? How do you know you have achieved the desired specs when tightening?

    Do I need to get new belts, or just use the old ones?

    Do you have instructions/Diagram for removing the radiator?

    To achieve the correct specs you will need a torque wrench. Once the belts are off, have a close look at them , if there are no signs of cracks, your ok to reuse them. Give me a minute and I will send radiator instruction.

    1. Drain the coolant from the radiator.

    CAUTION: Perform when engine is cold.

    1. Partially drain the A/T fluid.
    2. Remove fresh air duct.
    3. Disconnect radiator upper and lower hoses.
    4. Disconnect the A/T fluid cooler hoses.
      • Plug hoses to avoid leakage of A/T fluid.
    1. Disconnect the reservoir tank hose.

      1. Remove the radiator upper clips by pulling the tabs outside to release the lock, as shown.

      CAUTION: To prevent damage, do not pull lock tabs excessively.

      1. Disconnect fan electrical connectors.
      2. Remove the radiator fan assembly.

      CAUTION: Do not damage or scratch A/C condenser and radiator core when removing.

      1. If necessary, remove the radiator fan assembly from the radiator. Refer to "Disassembly and Assembly of Radiator Fan".
      2. If necessary, remove the mounting rubber from the radiator.
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    Customer: replied 6 years ago.
    Thank you for your help. It turned out that it was not the alternator, though. I paid $30 for something that I did not need. Oh well... You did a great job anyway.

    Your very welcome, glad you where able to get it fixed.