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Nissan Maxima I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima GLE with a Bose

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I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima GLE with a Bose stereo system. I get power and my display is working but I get no sound at all from the stereo. I went to a car audio specialist who told me that I needed a new radio. I purchased a new radio and had it installed and received the same problem....power with no sound. I took my car back to the specialist, they then tested the speakers, both amps, and the radio seperately all of which is working fine. They installed everything back and still no sound. Can you help?

Hi my name isXXXXX will answer your question the best I can if I have helped please remember to click ACCEPT


The new radio you purchased is it another bose radio?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes. It's OEM, same everything.

O.K. it sounds like the Bose speaker amp is not being powered up or the power up signal from the radio is not getting to it the first thing to check it the 15amp fuse under the hood of the car #56 I have a picture that shows the location



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The Nissan dealer ship checked all the fuses and stated they were all good. Any other options.....what else could it be?

The reason you get no sound from any speaker has to be either a fault in the speaker amp or its not getting powered up. we need to check and verify that power is getting to the amp . here is a couple of diagrams to show the location of the power and ground circuits



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The car audio place tested the amp and verified that power was indeed getting to the amp (both of them). Then tested the main amp outside of the car and verified that it works correctly. Then they took all the door panels off, tested all 8 speakers.


Prior to the car audio place....Nissan checked all fuses and replaced the radio.



The only thing left is to test to make sure the low amplitude signal from the audio unit is getting to the amp. Its sounding to me like the dealer your going to and the car audio place are not testing things properly, there could be a short in the wiring that is preventing the voltage signals from getting to the amps or preventing the output of the amps to the speakers

Please forgive me I was looking up the wrong year car for the wire diagrams.

I would like to know if your car has Navigation or not then I may be more helpful

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No...I don't have navigation. I have a 2004 Nissam Maxima GLE without Nav.

I'm sorry I was looking up the wrong year here is a schematic of the system you do have I still think the amp is not powering up and it shows only one amp for the system, there are at least 4 fuses to be checked it could be one was missed


Here are the rest of the wiring diagrams for the correct system

I would also like to know if the display shows the volume going up and down when you use the switches on the steering wheel


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes. The display operates normally from both the steering wheel and the consol.


Also....when the sound finally stop playing, there wasn't any crackling sounds or anything coming from the speakers. The symptoms were.....I would start my car, have no sound, then 15minutes later the sound would just appear. This happened for several months, then the delay would last longer and longer (30 minutes later, then sound would appear, then 1 hr later sound would appear). Then one day, even the delay stopped. Now the sound doesn't come on at all. No crackling sounds, no distorion in the music....nothing. One day is played, then it didn't.


Does this help....?

Yes that really sounds like the amp is what the failure is. I know you said it was tested along with the speakers but sometimes voltage and resistance tests aren't enough and you have to have a known good amp to try. I'm surprised the dealer didn't try one when the radio didn't fix the problem
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

There are two amps in my car, which one would I need to replace?


I saw one on ebay for $75 but I would hate to buy it and the problem still not be fixed.

I'm still only showing 1 speaker amp for the Bose system and its located in the trunk under the deck, Here is a picture that shows the location of the components. If someone is checking 2 amps one of them may not be an amp, I know the bluetooth control unit under the drivers seat looks kind of like an audio amp. The amp in the trunk is the one I would replace.graphic
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Maybe they are calling it an amp and it's not. I saw both of them with my own eyes. One was the amp that I was aware of with part number 28060 7Y300 and the other was a small little silver box with the word Bose in the top right corner, but it didn't look like an amp but that's what they said it was. Both were in the trunk though.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have a picture on my cell phone but I need upload it on the computer so that I can send it you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've read there is a central power amp and a distribution node; I may be referring to the distribution node and a second amp.....not sure though. Could this problem be anything other than an amp? I have already tested the amp outside of the vehicle and it worked.
How were you able to test it outside the vehicle?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The car audio place disconnected the amp. The have what they call a workbench where they have units to connect the amp to. They also tested the speakers this way as well.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I can try purchasing a new amp, but if there is no power getting to the amp how is a new one going to work? The new one will not be able to get power either......right?
Right we really need to verify that power and ground is getting to the amp.If you make sure 12v power is there at the terminals it is supposed to be at on the connector to the amp in the trunk then it should work. I think its unlikely that all the inputs for the speakers from the radio are missing
Customer: replied 6 years ago. this something I can do myself? If so, do I need to purchase a tool from HomeDepot that will measure power and ground?
A test light is usually enough to check for power and ground. A digital volt/ohm meter is needed for some other checks. If your not familiar with reading wiring diagrams and automotive electrical systems it may be better to bring it to someone with the equipment and experience to find the problem. I would be hesitant to just replace the amp since you said it was bench tested. I'm not sure how they did that I don't have any equipment like that even here at the dealership where I work. If it is determined that the amp is the problem you might see if you can get a used one. every once in a while when I'm trying to find a problem like this our used car department will have a car with the parts I need to try and that way I can be sure what the problem is
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello Rick,


Well, after listening to everything you had to made me think. When you asked "How were you able to test it outside the vehicle?" you made me think that maybe the Radio place lied about testing my amp in an attempt to try to have me purchase another radio from them. Therefore, completely trusting your advise, I decided to purchase a new Amp on Ebay (which is the reason for my delay in responding). Well.....guess what.....the new Amp arrived today. I plugged it in myself and BAMMM, my radio began blasting sound.


I am going to nissan tomorrow for an oil change and I will see if they can finish connecting the amp (since it's plugged in but it's hanging from the cords).


Rick......I am accepting your answer. Your advice was DEAD ON!!!! I may have another question for you though, since my $18 has purchased me 1 month of advice.


Again.....thank you, XXXXX XXXXX'll talk to you later.

I'm very glad to hear the radio is working again , you definitely don't want the amp banging around