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Faulty..loud..ticking noise..the rpm increases, also is is only heard

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what sound does a faulty fuel damper make? Is it a loud ticking noise that doesn't increase as the rpm increases, also is is only heard while applying light throttle.



You can get a clicking noise from the dampener if does not increase with rpm, also you can get a click from purge control valve when engine is cold on light throttle . these should both be inspected to know for sure , Thanks let me know if you have more questions, ROY!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The frequency of the ticking noise doesn't change with rpm it is either there or there is no noise at all. The noise is similar to the noise a ticking lifter would make , but this sounds like a bunch of bad lifters all at once.

It does it upon light throttle both cold and warm....not all the time but pretty frequent. Mostly when you are just allpying enough throttle to keep 35 mph on a level grade. The engine runs smooth , no loss of power, and accellerates smoothly. The oil could use a changing, but it is hardly over due.

Does that sound more like the fuel damper(s), or the purge control valve.

Also, are there any special tools required to change the damper(s) or purge valve.



It is hard to tell noises on line, but what you have told me it sounds like a fuel dampener , there are no special tool to change it. The purge valve will only do it cold . I hope this helps Thank you , ROY!

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