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Nissan/Datsun Armada LE How can I reset the tire pressure

Resolved Question:

How can I reset the tire pressure sensor?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 6 years ago.
The "Low Tire Pressure" light should automatically shut itself off after the correct pressure has been adjusted. After the tire is inflated to the recommended pressure, the vehicle must be driven at speeds above 20 MPH (32 km/h) for several minutes to activate the TPMS and turn off the low tire pressure warning light. If the light does not shut off, more than likely, you have a faulty pressure sensor. These sensors are inside the tire as part of the valve stem assembly. You will need to have a shop that has a scan tool that can read the signals from these sensors find out which sensor is faulty and then replace it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

We are talking about 2 different things. The low tire pressure light is not the problem. I am talking about the tire pressure guage that is located where the navagitation system is. This usually shows the exact tire pressure for each tire but now shows only---.


Expert:  Ron Z. replied 6 years ago.

Oh. I'm sorry. I misunderstood.


Unfortunately, this must be done with the use of a scan-tool ("Consult-II"). If this display is showing "---" then more than likely there is a problem in the system, and you will need the use of a scan tool to figure out where the problem lies. Here is the procedure for the reset, you'll notice it requires a "Consult-II" (scan-tool):

  1. With the ignition switch OFF, connect CONSULT-II and CONSULT-II CONVERTER to the data link connector, then turn the ignition switch ON.
  3. Touch "BCM" on "SELECT SYSTEM" screen.

  5. Select "WORK SUPPORT" on "SELECT DIAG MODE" screen, and select "ID REGIST".
  6. Adjust the tire pressure to the values shown in the table below for ID registration, and drive the vehicle at 15 km/h (9.4 MPH) or more for a few minutes.
  7. After completing all ID registrations, press "END" to complete the procedure.
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