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Can I program my new Nissan transponder key myself I am about

Resolved Question:

Can I program my new Nissan transponder key myself? I am about 105 miles from the nearest dealer. Tanks for your help, Jeff DeRidder, Iron Mountain, Michigan
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  eric replied 6 years ago.

here are directions:

Project: Program Remote Key Fob
Models: All Nissan Models

NOTE: The horn chirp can be disable by pressing the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously until the hazard lights flash, and no enable press the lock and unlock until the horn chirp.

To reprogram (enter new ID) key fob (keyless remote controller) follow the steps.

1. Close all doors and lock all doors

2. Insert and remove the key from the ignition key cylinder more than six times within 10 seconds. The hazard warning lamp will then flash.)

NOTE: Key should be withdrawn from ignition key cylinder completely each time.

NOTE: Do not rush the insertion/removal key cycling process. The side marker/tail/license lamps and interior illumination will flash twice when this step is accurately completed.

3. Insert key on ignition key cylinder and turn ignition key switch to "AAC" position At this time, the new ID code is entered and original (previous) ID codes are erase.

4. Press any button on the new remote controller once. (The hazard warning lamp will then flash)

NOTE: Do not press the button more than one time in the above step. If the button is pressed more than one time, the programming procedure will not be successful. The side marker/tail/license lamps and interior illumination will flash twice when this step is accurately completed and programming is successful.

If there is only one remote controller skip step 5.

5. Additional ID code entry Release the door lock, then lock again with door lock/unlock switch (In power window main switch)

6. Remove key from ignition

7. Unlock driver side door, open driver side door and then close the door. (END)

NOTE: If you need to activate more than two additional new remote controllers, repeat the procedure on step 5 Additional ID code entry for each new remote controller.

NOTE: Entry of maximum four ID codes is allowed and any attempt to enter more will be ignore.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I do not have a key fob nor remote controller with this car. I bought it used with only one key( no fob/remote). I bought 2 new transponder (chip) keys, had them cut at a hardware store, and now they must be programmed to energize the ignition while the key is in the start (crank) mode.


I have been told that a dealer must perform this function. However, I am 105 miles from the nearest Nissan dealer. That is why I saked you. Thanks, Jeff

Expert:  eric replied 6 years ago.

sorry, misread.

you cannot do this your self you have to have the dealer do this , the problem is you need two computers and two passwords to do this. Sorry to have to confirm that this is a dealer only function
Expert:  eric replied 6 years ago.

If you have any questions feel free to ask for more help, otherwise you need to click the accept button to pay for services rendered per the customer agreement as this is a paysite and the expert is not paid for their time, experience, until you do so. If what you sought is only doable at a dealership, your question was still answered correctly. If you have a subscription service, you still need to click the accept button to pay expert, although you are NOT charged again. Thank you and have a great day
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am satisfied with the answer; I am not happy with the answer. I already knew the answer your tech provided, but thought that in today's high tech world, there would be a practical answer or a practical technician with a simple method that would prevent me from having to drive 105 miles (one way) to have a Nissan dealer program the transponder chip in my new ignition key.


As you know, in essence my question was "is there a way to program my transponder key so I won't have to drive 105 miles to a dealer?" In essence your answer was " no" Regards, Jeff

Expert:  eric replied 6 years ago.

Sorry, but in today's high tech world, sometimes the only way to do the repair or programming is with the required equipment and tools. I realize that consumers would prefer to do something themselves and save money, but there are times when there are no workarounds and this is one of them. You may not be happy with the answer and may not be satisfied with the answer, but the unvarnished truth is what I told you - You must have the correct equipment for this. Being not happy with me is your right, but you do need to remember that I am not the engineer or designer of your car and therefore not the one responsible for the fact that you cant do this programming yourself.

have a good weekend and holiday season
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