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2006 Altima: Trans started shifting hard...transmission shop

Customer Question

I have a 2006 Altima. Trans started shifting hard. Took it to a transmission shop. Things were wrong so they rebuilt it. Had to take it back because of a vibration when in gear, but at a stop (shakes the car somewhat...felt the need to put the car in Neutral at a light to reduce the vibration), and it still shifts somewhat hard from 1st to 2nd, and 2nd to 3rd a lot. So, I took it back...they replaced the torque converter and the flywheel (thinking something just had happened durint installation or removal of the trans) and they checked all the mounts. I picked it up the 2nd shifts better, but it's not like it was before the problems and if I hadn't just had it rebuilt, I would think something was going wrong with it. It still vibrates at a stop... I would think that a transmission shop would know....but could this just be a computer reset situation?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
Definately not a computer reset . Does it do it in neutral also?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hmmm. why not a computer reset? just curious...someone lead me in that direction which is why I'm asking that specifically. Let me give a few more details from the beginning: Last year it started shifting hard from 1st to 2nd...this went on for a while getting progressively worse and then began to shift harder from 2nd to I took it to a trans shop...(I know, I should have gone to the dealer...everyone reminds me of that). Anyway, they said the fluid smelled burned....then they looked at the inside of the trans and I believe rebuilt the gear(s)? replaced the torque converter and all the "soft" components and fluid and such. I picked it up and on the way home knew it wasn't right. It was actually worse than before but in different was vibrating when in gear at a stop (no vibration in neutral or park and idle is fine all the time) it was sometimes shifting better but not really and it was shifting later than it used to...So I took it back a had the technician ride with me. He agreed that it wasn't right. It shifted hard still from 1st to 2nd quite a bit and then to 3rd once in a while..but it still vibrated like crazy when in gear but at a stop...vibrating and pushing against the brake is the only way I can describe it in writing. SO, they put in a new torque converter and checked all the mounts, re-tightened what they thought could be the issue and even replaced the fly-wheel thinking maybe they damaged it incidentally. (They've been really good with me). BUT, it's still vibrating (not as hard, but it's doing it)...and it still just doesn't shift like it used to at all. Now, I can "drive it just right" and make it work perfectly, but I'm in traffic a LOT, so it's accelerating quickly, stopping quickly and creeping along a lot....and it sometimes just clunks into's always vibrating the car (when in any gear) and it just seems to shift later than it ever did. I bought the car from my Mom and she was the 1st owner, and I had driven it a lot. I know how it's supposed to feel and sound. Like I said before, if I didn't know it had just been re-built, I would think something was going wrong with it. I hope this long, boring e-mail helps you with my diagnosis. I'm driving it, I don't feel unsafe, but I want to take it back to them one last time and maybe be able to offer some insight. Though, they really seem to know their stuff, they maybe just don't know Nissan as well as a dealership. Thanks so much.

Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
Unfortunately all they replaced in the transmission were the clutches and seals when they should have replaced the solenoid pack and checked the harness to the solenoid pack. This is the most common issue . Unfortunately it needs to be rebuilt correctly and there is a chance the tranny shop damaged the transmission beyond repair. So they need to either rebuilt the transmission completely and correctly or you will need to replace the transmission . These are the next steps . Hoped this helped . Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the response. I am taking it to the shop again tomorrow (Friday) morning to speak with them and take another ride to show them. I will confirm that they did or did not replace the solenoid pack and such. IF they say they DID replace, check or whatever the solenoid pack...please be thinking of what else could have gone wrong. The technician seems very capable and educated if this is typically what goes wrong, I couldn't imagine that he didn't think of it. Now that you've said the solenoid sounds familiar, but I am not mechanically minded, so I will make the confirmation. I feel you have given me a good answer and that answer I will confirm payment and positive feedback. I just would like to speak with them tomorrow get whatever further info I can. if we're done, we're done, if not, I will surely add a bonus for additional information. Thank you.

Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
No problem . You need to click the green accept button for me to get credit and I would be more then happy to continue with you on any other questions. Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated .
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I checked with the transmission shop. they replaced all of the solenoid stuff. So that's not it. :( It's going back to them tomorrow for one last try. over the weekend, it also started slipping when just driving at a steady now it's shifting hard from each gear, vibrating at idle and slipping occasionally. I am not happy. If you have any further information or ideas, I'd love to hear them, but I will click the accept button below.

Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
Unfortunately it's bad rebuild that they did and the torque connector locking up . Either way it should not cost you a dime to fix.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your help. I'm really bummed, though. i need another 100k out of the car...
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
I agree . Sorry for the bad news . Just make sure they don't charge you for the repair. Hoped this helped.Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated .