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97 nissan maxima: engine oil..leak..drops..bottom of housing

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I have a 188K miles on a 97 nissan maxima with a rear engine oil seal leak. Very minor at this time. Just a few drops showing on bottom of housing. Does not even drip on my garage floor when engine is turned off. This was reported to me by a transmission mechanic who serviced it recently (drain & fill).
What is your recommendation about who I should see to fix it? A transmission mechanic? A general mechanic? How long do I have until it gets progressively worse? How much $$ to repair?
I still love this car and want to keep it some more. Drives still like new.
Thanks for your help.
Wendell B. Corpus Christi, TX
The transmission will need to come out to replace the seal so a transmission mechanic or general mechanic either one can do the repair I would shop around to see where the best deal is. Normally a transmission shop is cheaper for labor than a repair shop. As far as time goes hard to say could be a long time before it is to the point it would have to be replaced. You just need to keep an eye on the oil level. The cost of the repair will be around $800.00 but again shop around and see as a transmission shop may be cheaper
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How many hours of work will a trans mechanic charge normally to do this whole job?
Do you find that people usually trade cars at this point or go on & do this fix? I've already done new front brakepads again, new front strut mounts, 2 new axles front end, Car runs like a champ. Thanks for your time. wb
The repair is around 8 hours. Most people repair this problem if the rest of the vehicle is in good condition. However that being said most people also wait until the leak is worse before fixing it.
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