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Mike V.
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Nissan Altima 94 2.4L GLE. I have no spark. The ignition

Resolved Question:

Nissan Altima 94 2.4L GLE. I have no spark. The ignition coil secondary measures approximately 2.8 KOhms. According to the book, the typical secondary resistance should be around 10-12.8K. Should I replace this ignition coil? If so, what is the difference between HAP and Hanshin equipped ignition coils?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Mike V. replied 7 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
carguy1 :

Hi there! 99% of the time the distributor is the problem. Take the cap and rotor off and look under the plastic cover under the rotor. If there is oil in there, replace the distributor. The oil blocks the eye for the cam sensor and the car won't fire.Very common on these.


I will check the distributor as you advised. You don't think that the low-resistance on the ignition secondary is a problem?

carguy1 :

Not typically, but I am not a big fan of resistance. There are a lot of variables so it doesn't always read right and I have been fooled in the past by parts that were suppose to be "good" because of resistance. If the distributor is clean, then I would replace the coil. I just hate to see you get the coil without checking the distributor first. Seen many a tech fooled by this.


I agree with your analysis. I just wanted to hear what you thought. Thanks.

carguy1 :

you are very welcome!

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