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1997 Pathfinder LE: rpm..speeds of 45 to 55 it..shifting..overdrive

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1997 Pathfinder LE 56ooo miles--rpm go up and down at speeds of 45 to 55 it seems the transmission is shifting up and down. At speed of 60 the problem seems to go away. The problem does not exist when I take the pathfinder out of overdrive. The dealer said it could be the transmission or the computer. I told the dealer to fix the problem because I planned to keep the Pathfinder. Dealer said "we don't know where to start. I really need your help--don't know what to do.

Hi My Name isXXXXX you for using Just


It sounds like you are feeling your transmission go in and out of lock-up. I would try to adjust the TPS.


Do you have a check engine light?

Here is a bulletin on the adjustment



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Ryan--The dealer replaced the TPS Sensor part 22620-4p21a and I left the dealer and returned 10 minutes later and told them it continued to down shift--at that point the dealer said just drive it it wont hurt anything--wow what a answer--Ryan please stay with me until we agree on the problem
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
<p>I will go back to the dealer and request they make sure the revised TPS adjustment procedures are followed. If they say the proper procedures were followded do you have any other opinions I should discuss with the dealer. Many thanks for your help</p><p>Max Fleming</p>
They should be able to monitor the torque converter lock-up function during the problem and diag whether it is a electronic or mechanical issue. If the dealership is unequipped to do this you should take it to a good transmission shop. The dealership may not have a qualified transmission specialist on staff. Thats a little embarrassing if you ask me. I pride myself by being able to fix anything that comes through the door.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey Ryan: Your thoughts are same as mine. I felt when I left the dealer I would never return because they just wanted to get to the next customer. As you can see I don't drive the Pathfinder much. They all said it looked like new. I will take your advice and go to a transmission shop. You are GOOD. Max Fleming

Ok Max



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