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nissan maxima 1998 v6 hard to start codes p0600 tcm-ecm communication

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nissan maxima 1998 v6 hard to start codes p0600 tcm-ecm communication line problem also p0325 knock sensor bank1 p0130 o2 sensor b1s1

These vehicles have a harness problem by the passenger strut tower. There is a TSB for this (NTB98-008b).

Potential Causes:
Poor Negative Battery Cable Connections
Defective Starter
Incorrect Starter
Transmission Bolt
Transmission Surface
If you have access to a scanner that can read live data, check to see if the scanner shows Crankshaft Position (POS) counts and look for 180 counts while cranking. See if the POS counts are erratic. POS counts come from the rear crank sensor. If POS counts are erratic, then check for a ground connection problem for the battery ground cable first.

Also, the starter motor could be incorrect. This is a very common problem for this condition. Check for the 10-tooth starter drive. The original starter had an 8-tooth starter drive, but there was an updated starter to a 10-tooth starter drive, which has helped resolve this problem. Also, verify that the starter is functioning normally.
Check the surface condition between the engine and transmission and check the transmission to engine mounting bolts for being clean and tight.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
map sensor is also staying at 5.10 volts and does not change when unplugged or when vaccume added. I shook the harness at the strut tower and seems to start well now. do you suspect all problems are harness related? knock sensor and o2 code as well I figure the failing map sensor set the o2 code
IT is very possible.. just be sure that the sensors have good inputs and grounds going to all of them.
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