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2005 Nissan Pathfinder: SUV..test drive..whining noise..I accelerated

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I just bought a certified pre-owned 2005 Nissan Pathfinder on 6/14/10. The SUV has 87k on it. The salesman came with us on the test drive and we notice a high pitch whining noise whenever I accelerated. We asked the salesman what it was and he told us it was a normal engine noise for Pathfinders. He told us the vehicle had a lifetime powertrain warranty and had to pass a rigorous 100+ point inspection in order to qualify as a certified pre-owned vehicle. We bought the vehicle and the whining noise continued and about a week later I called the salesman and told him that I had been researching the noise on some Nissan forums online and that I believed it to be the timing chain tensioner. He agreed and made an appointment for me to bring it in on 7/1/10. He reassured me that if it was this problem, it would be covered under the powertrain warranty. The salesman has since left the dealership (but I know him personally). I brought it in at 9 AM on 7/1 and they called me at 5:20PM confirming it is the timing chain tensioner and that it's going to be over $900 to fix. The service advisor asked me when I bought it and I told him less than 3 weeks ago. He asked if I had a warranty with it and I told him the salesman said I have a lifetime powetrain warranty. He then proceeded to tell me that he would have to talk with the GM and Service Mgr to see if they could have this covered for me. He asked if they could keep it overnight to which I agreed. I hadn't heard from them at all on 7/2/10, so I called them at 3:30pm to see what was going on. The Service Advisor told me he still hadn't talked with the GM and Service Mgr as they were both out. I asked if they had done anything to correct the problem yet and he said no, the SUV is just sitting there. They never offered to give me a rental car and they never bothered calling me to let me know what was happening. I told the Service Advisor that I needed to have the SUV this weekend and he said I could go and pick it up. He said he will talk with the managers tomorrow (7/3/10) about my situation because he doesn't think I should have to pay anything when I just got the vehicle less than 3 weeks ago. I told him I really need this problem taken care and that I put $8,000 of my hard-earned cash down on the vehicle and can not afford to pay for this problem that they should have noticed during their "100 point inspection". Can you please tell me if this problem should be covered under the powertrain warranty or what recourse I have? I am very frustrated with my situation right now. Thanks!
This is completely covered 100 percent not by the power train warranty but from the used car purchase they are liable for anything that goes wrong with this vehicle for at least 90 days and has to be covered 100 percent and a rental car provided.So ne need to worry they need to give you a car tomorrow while they keep the vehicle to fix the issue.If there are any issues report the dealer to Nissan corperate 1-800-Nissan! and they will make sure its taken care of.Hoped this helped.

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Just add bonus and then feedback .

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