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1995 nissan pickup: 2.4L..ecm..passengers seat to get that code

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trying to help a friend w/ his 1995 nissan pickup 2.4L 5speed. He is getting a code 23 (Idle switch) though not sure exactly what to do with that info. We adjusted the dial on the ecm under the passengers seat to get that code. We have not reset the code yet until we get a little further though the diags. Thaks for any guidance.

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Actually code 23 if for the camshaft position sensor code 33 is for the idle switch - when you turn the dial on the ecm to the right it selects the mode for the ecm there are 5 modes the engine runs normally in mode 1 and when you go from mode 3 to mode 4 that will erase all the codes , mode three gives you the codes if there are any it will give code 55 if every thing is ok , in mode 4 you can check the idle switch if you have it in mode 4 the red light will either come on just as you open the throttle or it will go off just as you open the throttle

that is probably the best way you can check the idle switch if you have code 33 if you have code 23 that would indicate a problem with the cam position sensor which is essentially the distributor some times on these 2.4L trucks I would find that the throttle sensor which has the idle switch in it would cause a surge in the engine when the sensor was going bad and replacing the throttle sensor was the only way to fix it

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks. After posting last night I did find that it would not rev over 2500. It is the code 23 so tonight we will look into the distributor area.
if the engine won't rev over 2500 rpms that indicates that it is in a fail safe condition that in a lot of cases is caused by the air flow meter which doesn't always set a code the cam position sensor may be causing it though
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Rick, I will look into this tonight. (hoping not to get rained on w/ the hurricane in the gulf approaching)
ooh alright be careful and good luck
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Definitely a code 23. Is there a way to diagnose the distributor with out spending $200?

I just disconnected battery to reset code while I write you. Thx
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Definitely a code 23. Is there a way to diagnose the distributor with out spending $200?

Could a timing belt be related. 140k miles and don't know the history.

I just disconnected battery to reset code while I write you. Thx
Please forgive me I had confused myself in the service manual there is no code 23 listed for the ka24e engine in your truck there is a code 43 for the throttle sensor I think we need to go back and make sure were reading the codes correctly I would hate to send you down the wrong path and waste money on parts you don't need . so first to check the codes , with the key on engine not running turn the dial clock wise all the way and both the red and green lights will flash together indicating which mode to select - when the lights flash 3 times then turn the dial back counter clockwise that will put it in mode 3 and the flashing lights will give the codes the red will be the 10 digit and the green will be the 1 digit for example code 14 would be one red flash and 4 green flashes - remember if you let the ecm go from mode 3 to mode 4 it will erase all the codes - please let me know what code we have and I'm really sorry I was confused and giving you wrong information
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hehehe. See it happens to the best ! That is not the same way I was instructed to read codes before. Yeah! Now I get a 32 meaning egr, right? I had to drive 5 miles to get eng light to come on again but that is the code I read now.

Headed to store to get one and put it in before the next rain hits. I will follow up with you. Thx again
thats right code 32 for egr function it doesn't necessarily mean the egr valve is bad though it can be that the vacuum line to it could be split or the egr passage may be blocked it won't make the engine stop reving over 2500 rpms
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yep I am checking that now. The motor revs freely so I am hoping for a split or plugged line.
thats pretty common if you lift the egr valve with the engine idling it should stumble if it doesn't then that would be an indication that the passages are clogged
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Rick, thanks for the help. Was able to resove the issue with your help. THe EGR was stuck and all it took was a spritz of carb cleaner to get him back on the road.


Thanks again!


A.K.a. TxSwimDad

Thank you very much I am glad I was able to help