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I am getting a trouble code P1574. My code reader says TPS

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I am getting a trouble code P1574. My code reader says TPS disagreement between sensors. My little repair manual says ASCD speed sensor signal performance. Can you tell me which it is and what I need to do to fix it.


It is a code for ASCD (Automatic Speed Control Device) speed sensor signal performance - The ECM receives speed input data through the vehicle CAN lines from the combination meter (Instrument cluster) and the TCM (Transaxle control module) - when the signal is lost, it will set the code - Other than the possibility that there may be a wiring problem, the majority of the time, the code is due to a faulty VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) - Thanks, Dave

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is that related to code P0745 ? I have that also.


The p0745 is a code for line pressure solenoid valve which is a solenoid in your transaxle valvebody that controls oil pump discharge pressure based off of driving conditions - the code was set because there was an improper voltage drop when the solenoid was commanded - it would either be a wiring problem or a faulty line pressure solenoid - There is a reference bulletin for a bad ground terminal on the line pressure solenoid which can sometimes be repaired with solder or replaced with the valve itself - Thanks, Dave.

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