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Matt Carey
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My 200sx will not crank. The fuel pump will not activate and

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My 200sx will not crank. The fuel pump will not activate and the ignition will not fire. I have changed the relays,distributor system,crank snsor and the ECM. What do I need to look at?

HI this is MATT. You say it will not crank, do you mean that it cranks but doesn't start? What year is it please?

Were these parts changed in an attempt to fix the no start issue? Let me know. MATT

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It cranks but will not start it is a 1997 200SX SE. It started and ran on Friday but would not start Monday. These parts were changed in an attempt to start the engine. The Fuel pump will not engage when the ignition is turned over to start. I cran a jumper through the fuse block to the pump and the pump will run. There is no fuel or ignition spark.
Okay, give me a minute, and I'll get back to you. MATT
Sorry, what size engine? 1.6 or 2.0? How about any codes? Does it have a tachometer? If so, does it register after cranking for a 10secs.? MATT

Okay, I assume you have no power at fuse 17 (15amp) fuel pump, with key on. But if you put power there, then you can hear the pump run.

First check fuse 1 (30amp) left front eng. comp., If this is good then you need to check the Ignition sw.. You should have power coming in on the green wire(1). And with the key in the on or start position you should have power out on the black/red wire(3). This is power to the fuel pump fuse. Let me know. MATT

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have power to the fuse and the relay but still no fire or fuel
I thought you said you could put power to the fuel pump fuse a hear it run? MATT
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am sorry I ran a jumper from the power side of th efuse to the harness and the pump ran. Is there a inertia cut off or a fuel cut off switch located some where on the car that I am missing?
Okay, there is no inertia sw.. If you have power to the fuse and relay, and no spark. Then the relay is not being commanded on, as well as spark. Do you have any codes? I still need to know motor size? let me know. Be back in a few. MATT
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I put 2 different OBD2 boxes on it and said it could not communicate. I tried the self diagnosis through the ECM to no avail. The engine size is a 1.6 4 cyl.

Does your engine light work with key on (bulb check). I can give you manual procedure if you need it.

The coil, cam sensor, and power transistor are all in the distributor. Here are some checks to make at the dist.

black - ground

white/red - power

black/white - power

black - ground

Check these first with the key on, let me know. MATT

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have no power with the switch on at the distributor.
Okay, power on the white/red(5) wire comes from the eccs relay. Power on the black/ red wire(7) comes from the ignition sw. Here's location on the relay. Easiest thing is to try a new one, but I can tell you how to test it if you want. Are you sure you do not have power on the black/ red wire? let me know , MATT
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Where is the location of the relay? I do not have power at the distributor with the switch on.I have one spare blue and white relay that I can change out but you can also let me know how to test. I do not have an OHM meter with me if that is needed.

Okay , sorry I forgot to include pics. Here they are.......

You will need a test light or voltmeter to test. It's starting to make sense. The problem with no power is the same reason we can't get codes. After trying the relay, get to the Ignition sw. connector and test the black/red wire key on . MATTgraphicgraphicgraphic

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The ECCS relay has no power at the plug/relay but the black/red wire at the ignition does.
graphicBlack/ red has power at ign. sw. Good. Does it also have power at the dist. (terminal 7/ black/red)? You should have power on both white/blue wires at the ECCS relay. This power comes from fuse 41 (7.5 amp) in the Eng Comp fuse box. Check it. MATTgraphic
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No power at the distributor. No power at the ECCS relay. I checked the fuses and they are good.

Okay , if you have power at fuse 41 (7.5amp) in the Eng. Comp. and you don't have power at the ECCS relay white/blue wires, we need to find out why? There must be a connection problem or short between the fuse and the relay.

Connect your meter or test light, and wiggle test the connectors and harness. Let me know. MATT