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I have a 93 Nissan D21 pickup SE 5-spd 4x4. Today I was in

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I have a 93 Nissan D21 pickup SE 5-spd 4x4. Today I was in sand and put it in 4wd to get back to the road, stopped and put it back in 2wd, when I tried it go forward it just stopped in the road, had to push it to safety. It will go in gear but makes alot of noise and sounds awful. Could this be simply a gear fluid problem (bolt rusted on so haven't been able to check levels tonight). Recently had the drive shaft repaired and then installed it myself. Wondering if this could have caused a leak. Hoping the transmission isn't ruined. Any thoughts suggestions or ideas? Anything I could check myself? Things to try first before calling the tow truck, which I really can't afford to do. Thanks
Hello and thank you for using

Did you go into 4 low to get out of the sand?

Let me know, thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, 4 high. Came out of the sand onto the road and heard a loud noise like something broke or something fell out, under the truck. STopped the truck, got up underneath looked and saw fluid on the drive shaft. I think it's leaking out of the yoke. Then I put it in 2wd and drove 100 feet to my house. Put it in reverse to back in driveway and I heard that loud sound again in the transmission. Only thing I did before dark, I was checking out with 4wd shifter under the truck and it sounded hollow inside transmission, not sure if that means anything, lost fluid?
The fluid is coming out of the transfer case or the trans?

Let me know, thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Transmission. Fluid on the drive shaft and some on the ground.
Well first thing you need to determine is where the fluid is actually coming from. It could be a transfer case or transmission problem. Since the 4 wd was used and the fluid seems to be from the transfer case, I would think it's more of a transfer case problem than a trans problem. But it should be checked to verify.

If you have any more questions on this, please feel free to ask. Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The fluid seems to be coming from the rear drive shaft (the 2wd drive shaft) at the back of the transmission, the one I installed a couple of weeks ago, the yoke end. So my question do you think just adding fluid will solve the problem and if so, can I add the fluid myself? Thanks so much
Well if it's leaking out, putting fluid back in means it's just going to come out again. I would look into seeing why it's leaking and then repair that. Then add fluid and hope that does it. Other wise, if it's the transfer case, it would need to be removed and inspected. I would also get under the truck and have someone go through the 4 wd selector and make sure you see it moving into gears at the transfer case.

Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for taking time to answer my question. You've been a big help.

One more thing, is there a step by step to checking/adding fluid? that would be a help as I've never done that before. And want to make sure I do it right. Thanks!
Draining and filling the transfer case can be a bit tricky. Well filling it is really the tricky part. Some transfer cases take regular automatic trans fluid, and requires a special pump to put it in the transfer case. Here is a image on the drain plug location and the fill plug location. When you are adding fluid to the transfer case, you add it the same way as the manual trans.graphicgraphic

Thanks Jay!
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