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1999 Nissan Frontier: overheating..Local garage..water pump

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My 1999 Nissan Frontier began overheating. Local garage installed a new water pump and thermostate. Next trip it the temp guage bounced back a forth. When I looked the antifreeze overflow gug was nearly full. I drove the few miles back home and shecked again. The gug was empty. I shut it off and antifreeze began to escape from what seemed to be from under the radiator cap. I left it parked without ever turning it on for a week. Checked it by removing the radiator cap and antifreeze blew out of a totally cold radiator like it was under pressure. I use the best synthetic oil I can get and it turned black. What do you think is happening?
Hi there! It sounds like the head gasket may be leaking. Sometime when they leak they will allow exhaust into the coolant and it will superheat and become pressurized. You need to get a hydrocarbon or comustion kit to check and see if there are exhaust gasses getting into the cooling system to be sure. Hope this helps!
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