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2002 nissan altima with 2.5L motor. Car idle problems - fluctuates

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2002 nissan altima with 2.5L motor. Car idle problems - fluctuates between 1000 and 1500 RPMS after reaching operation temps. Car runs fine otherwise. I have replaced recently replaced the following parts for service and hard starting - the rad. hoses, serpentine belt and cam/crank sensors. I was told by the dealer that I had a bad cam sensor.



I have had some problems with the throttle body you could need to replace the throttle actuator unit , you can try and reset with no luck and will keep searching . the other thing to try is have the dealer use the Nissan consult scan tool and clear the self learning and reset the idle volume learn. with there tool or Just replace the unit , The cam sensor problem is for stalling out while driving does not affect the idle , Thanks let me know if you have more questions,ROY!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't want to take it back to the dealer if I don't have to. They have told me I have bad motor mounts and a bad power steering pump (both not true) and they are always trying to upsale me on service I don't need. Is there anything else I can try myself before going to a dealer.



You can replace the throttle body and reset it , but if you do not move the throttle plates with your hand it will damage the base setting of the plate and you will have the same problem , install it and let it warm up with all accessories off with the doors shut so there is no load on the engine then reset the idle volume learn again , Thanks let me know if you have more questions, ROY!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I was hoping to learn something more but you haven't provided me with any useful information. You are some what confirming what I believe the problem to be so it looks like a trip back to the dealer. I decline to accept your answer since it has not helped me resove my problem.



The answer is to the question you have asked there is only one answer, if you already knew it I guess i Just confirmed it for you . My correct Answer must not be worth anything to You!

Have a great day and good luck , ROY!
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