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1996 nissan maxima: warning..stop sign..the check engine light

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I have a 1996 nissan maxima se....the motor shuts off without any warning. it only shuts off when stopped at a light or stop sign. the check engine light does not come on. the crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor and knock sensor Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) and Idle Air Control Valve have all been replaced. Any suggestions.

Optional Information:
Year: 1996
Make: Nissan
Model: maxima se
Engine: 6 cyl

Already Tried:
changed knock sensor, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) and per you from an earlier question the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC)
Hello again and thanks for your request.
Is the check engine light on?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No it doesnt come on at all and that is the confusing part.
OK, Does it matter if the engine is hot or cold? Does it sputter and die or just turn off? Also,does it fire right back up after it stalls?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It doesnt matter if it is hot or cold and it sputters just a little and then shuts off and then it restarts right away and runs fine and it could be good for a week before it shuts down again. never a consistent thing.
Ok, being an intermitent problem is certainly going to make this one a bear to get to. I am thinking perhaps the egr is sticking open just a bit. Don't get a new one, just remove the old one and see if the pintal is full of carbon. If it is,clean it up with some carb cleaner and put it back on.
The only other idea I have would be the harness connector at the ecm. Some of these had a problem with the water from the evaporator leaking on the ecm. It is located under the dash right in front of the console. You can remove the harness and take a look at the connector. Make sure there are no signs of green in there. If there is it might be shorting out.
Check these out and let me know!
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