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Jim Barlogio
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where is the revolution sensor located on 03 nissan altima

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where is the revolution sensor located on 03 nissan altima

Hi this is Jim ,

What is your engine size. Are you talking about the engine speed sensor, or the transmisson sensor. Do you have a code? If so what is the code number.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is 3.5, V6 automatic. I asked the Nissan dealership for the trouble code report and they would not provide it to me. Their recommendation simply was to replace the revolution sensor, the automatic speed control sensor and the combination meter (exact words). I asked what the revolution sensor controlled and they stated that it affected RPM's etc, which makes sense to me because they only issue I have noticed is sometimes the RPM's tacking out at 4000 when going from 2nd to 3rd, rough shifting. They would not provide me anymore information regarding location of the sensors and just said "sometimes when one sensor goes bad, they all go bad, which makes the combo meter go bad". You now have all the info I have :)

Thanks Highdee 78 ,


Tech Stuff first


Vehicle Application:
2003 Nissan Altima 3.5L, Eng Cfg V6, Eng Des VQ35DE
Customer Concern:The check engine light is on with codes P1574 and P0720.
Tests/Procedures:1. Locate the A/T Revolution sensor and the A/T Turbine Revolution sensor on the back end of the transmission. Both connectors are Black in color, and if swapped, will cause the codes to set and the transmission may not up shift. The A/T revolution sensor is the one closer to the end of the transmission (on the end of the case). The correct wire colors on the A/T revolution sensor are Red/Yellow, White and Black. The correct color wires at the A/T turbine revolution sensor are Red/Yellow, Green and Black.
Potential Causes:Improperly Installed Automatic Transmission Connector - Swapped connectors on the automatic transmission.
Defective Automatic Transmission Revolution Speed Sensor
Diagnostic Codes:P0720, P1574


Procedure and location.

  1. Disconnect electrical connector.
  2. Remove revolution sensor from A/T.
  3. Reinstall any part removed.graphic

Rev sensor show





Thanks Jim

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