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2002 Nissan Xterra SE: Where is the Knock sensor located..V6 Engine

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Where is the Knock sensor located on a 2002 Nissan Xterra SE V6 Engine. And can this be done at home.

The knock sensor is located under the intake manifold. If your truck does not have supercharge, the time guide calls for 4.2hrs to complete the job. If it is supercharged, 3.0hrs. This may not be a job you want to tackle at home if you're not mechanically inclined. Its very in depth.


Service and repair of the knock sensor requires removal of the intake manifold.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am a Aircraft Mechanic. What other parts do I need to do this job and is there anything I need to look out for when I am doing this job.

Here's the procedure to getting to the knock sensor:


  1. Release fuel pressure.
  2. Remove timing belt
  3. Drain coolant by removing drain plugs from both sides of cylinder block.


  4. Separate ASCD and accelerator control wire from intake manifold collector (VG33E only).


  5. Remove intake manifold collector from engine (VG33E only).

    1. The following parts must be disconnected.
      1. Harness connectors for:
      • IACV-AAC valve
      • Throttle position sensor
      • Throttle position switch
      • Distributor (ignition coil)
      • Distributor
      1. Water hoses from collector
      2. Heater hoses
      3. PCV hose from RH/LH rocker cover
      4. Vacuum hoses for:
      • Brake master cylinder
      • Pressure regulator
      1. Purge hose from purge control valve
      2. Spark plug wires
      3. Distributor assembly
      4. 3 left/right bank injector connectors
      5. Ground harness
  6. Remove fuel feed and fuel return hoses from injector fuel tube assembly.
  7. Disconnect the right injector harness connectors.
  8. Remove injector fuel tube assembly
  9. Remove intake manifold from engine. The following parts should be disconnected to remove intake manifold.

    • Engine coolant temperature switch harness connector
    • Thermal transmitter harness connector
    • Water hose from thermostat housing

You will need an Intake Manifold Gasket kit to complete the job correctly